All about necessary insurance in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the EU countries entering the Schengen zone. Without a health insurance, you will not be granted a visa to this country. We recommend that you make out an insurance policy at least 5 days before the proposed trip. Below we will show you how and where to do it better.


Types of insurance policies

Most tourists traveling to the Czech Republic on vacation, draw up a basic insurance with a cover amount of 30,000 euros. Some increase it to 35,000 euros, others pay extra for the opportunity to receive compensation in the amount of 60,000 euros.

Those who are going to open a multivisa, it is desirable to purchase an annual policy. In his absence, you can incur an impressive penalty and even get a ban on entering the Czech Republic. Long-term policy is valid from 30 to 365 days, the specific term you choose yourself.

Basic insurance covers all costs for a trip to a medical facility, the purchase of medicines prescribed by a doctor, treatment in an inpatient department and emergency care. The expanded policy has much more options and even includes payment for a lawyer.

Some tourists supplement the basic insurance with the options they need. For example, fans of active pastime pay extra for making risks associated with skiing in the policy.

Motorists and motorsport fans include in their insurance assistance in case of an accident. The same is done by those who ride a scooter, a moped or any water transport.

If you carry valuables with you, it makes sense to insure your luggage during the flight and accommodation in the hotel. This is especially important for those who are flying with transplants.

Please note that intoxication is a valid reason for refusing to pay insurance compensation. To protect themselves, alcohol lovers include in the policy of assistance with alcoholic intoxication.

Insurance in the Czech Republic 


Buying insurance

In order not to waste time on contacting the insurance company's office, a medical policy can be purchased online in just a quarter of an hour. An electronic document has the same legal effect as a standard printed policy. After purchasing insurance online, it is desirable to print it.

For those who can not decide on the choice of the insurance company, special sites-aggregators have been created, which have an extensive base of trustworthy insurers. The most popular in our country are the services of Cherehapa and Сравни.ру.

The user who uses the above services, indicates the country to which he sends, and then enters the dates of the future trip. A minute later, a whole list of available policies with prices and descriptions appears on his screen. In order to save time, you can sort the search results by cost, option or rating of assistants.

We recommend paying special attention to assistance - a company that deals with servicing the tourists who are in trouble. Among the best Czech assistance is Tripinsurance, Europ Assistance and Mondial. 

The policy is paid by bank card. The payment is made instantly, after which the policy he has just bought is sent to the insured's e-mail. The document begins to operate on the date specified therein.

Sites Cherehapa and do not charge users for their intermediary services. Sometimes they can buy even a cheaper policy than on the websites of insurance companies. This is due to the high competition among insurers.


What to do if there is a trouble

If you are in trouble, you should immediately contact the operator of the insurance company. His number is registered in the policy. The operator will ask you to provide him with your details: name, first name, contact phone number, policy number, location. If the case is an insurance, you are immediately hospitalized at the expense of the insurance company.

Most likely, medicines will have to be bought independently. When you return home and present checks to the insurance company, it will refund the full cost of the medicines prescribed by the doctor. The same concerns the costs of communication with an insurance company, an ambulance and an assistant who always follows the rehabilitation of the victim.

If you feel acute pain and risk losing consciousness, it is better to call the hospital directly. The check on the name of the insurance company will be issued after all the services are provided. However, ideally, you need to contact the insurer immediately.