The necessary insurance in France for tourists

For a trip to France, you need medical insurance, without it you will not be issued a Schengen visa. If you travel to Europe on a regular basis, you still need to have a policy: for his absence you can get a fine and not be allowed to enter the Schengen area any more.


Medicine in France

French medicine is considered one of the best in the world. Good hospitals and qualified doctors are even in small villages.

As in any European country, treatment in France is not cheap: the therapist's admission costs from 50 euros, the blood test - from 100 euros, the operation - from 1000 euros. Local and foreigners pay for medical care equally.

Patients without French citizenship are treated only on a paid basis. If the tourist does not have insurance, the account is issued in his name. In case of non-payment, you can lose the opportunity to obtain a visa in the future.


Health insurance options

Basic insurance covers all the most common risks that a foreign tourist may face. On it, he receives emergency medical treatment and treatment in the inpatient department for up to 30,000 euros. You can purchase insurance with a higher amount of coverage.

According to statistics, tourists who vacation in France, most often seek help because of overeating, poisoning and getting a sunburn. All these troubles are included in the basic medical insurance.

Medical insurance in France

If during the trip you are going to devote time to sports, it is worth buying a policy for outdoor activities. Basic insurance will not cover the costs of plastering an ankle injured during a run. Those wishing to go skiing need adequate insurance.

The help of intoxication will not prevent those who are going to actively tasting French wines. If you happen to have trouble, and alcohol will be found in the blood (the amount per mille does not matter), you can forget about compensation.


Where to apply

The first stage of registration of insurance is the choice of a reliable company. Websites aggregators Cherehapa and Сравни.ру offer a catalog of proven insurers of the domestic market.

Aggregators work as follows: you enter the country of arrival and specify the date of beginning and end of the trip, and after you get a whole list of available options. You determine the necessary selection criteria: cost, assistance (the company responsible for the hospitalization of the victims), the number of options, etc.

Having chosen your favorite insurance, you can pay it in a convenient way: by bank card or electronic money. Aggregators Cherehapa and do not charge a commission for their search services. Some of the insurances presented in their catalog are even cheaper than on the websites of the companies themselves. The minimum price of the basic policy is 300 rubles. Insurance for skiers costs from 1500 to 3000 rubles.

After payment, you receive a policy for your e-mail. It is better to print it right away. In travel insurance should always be carried with you in an accessible place. In addition to it, you must take your phone and passport with you for walks. All this will be needed to get help on the policy.


How to deal with the insured event

The insured event is not a reason to panic. To get help, just contact the insurance company. Her phone is always listed in the policy. The operator will determine whether your case is included in the number of insurance, and then provide a plan for further action.

If the case is an insurance, you will be assisted by the assistants with whom the insurer cooperates. They will call an ambulance, escort you to the hospital and control the treatment process. A check for all medical services provided will be issued to the name of the insurance company.

All pharmacy checks must be kept. It is for them that the insurance company will compensate your costs. It will also restore your telephone communication costs with the operator after presenting the relevant receipts.

If you feel that you can remain without feelings, it is better to contact the ambulance directly. Having determined that you are a foreigner, doctors will find you an insurance policy and arrange communication with the assistance yourself.