All about insurance to Europe

The countries of Europe are among the safest in the world. To visit them, you do not need to do special vaccinations, in most European cities drinking water flows from the tap, and the climate here is similar to the Russian one. In contrast to the CIS countries, paid medicine is very developed in the West. Below we will talk about the specifics of health insurance when visiting Europe.


Why you need health insurance

Prices for medical services in Europe are far from the usual for us. A trip to the therapist with a complaint of colds costs an average of 100 euros. If you become ill, you will have to apply for help: without a prescription in a European pharmacy, you will not even get an analgesic drug. The insurance will help to save considerably on visits to the doctor.

The presence of a medical certificate is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Schengen visa. To visit a number of European countries that have not adopted the Schengen agreement, it is not needed. For example, this document is not required on the border of Serbia, Montenegro and several other countries. But for travel to Romania or Croatia, it will be necessary.


Features of choice

The basic medical policy is the most budgetary version of insurance. The minimum amount of coverage for it is 30,000 euros. This is enough to open a Schengen visa. The abovementioned amount includes all basic services: emergency care, inpatient treatment, departure home. Dental care is usually paid for separately.

Medical insurance in Europe

Basic insurance can be supplemented. Athletes (including those who are going to just ride a bike or run in the morning) it is desirable to issue an insurance policy for outdoor activities. Athletes, lovers of diving and skiing is better to buy a special policy.

Some include in their insurance assistance in intoxication. If you do not do this, the injury received at a disco in a nightclub will not be considered an insurance event. The amount of ppm will not matter.


Decoration and price

Basic medical insurance can be bought in almost any company in our country that provides insurance services. You can issue the policy both in the insurer's office and online through a special service. On the websites of Cherehapa and Сравни.ру you will find dozens of offers from leading insurance players of the Russian market, compare prices, find out about beneficial discounts and choose the best option.

The cost of standard medical insurance in Europe, which is valid for a week, is about 350 rubles. The policy, which includes active sports, is 1.5 times more expensive. The luggage insurance service increases the price of the medical policy by another 450 rubles.



The procedure for dealing with an insured event

In the event of an insured event, it is necessary to look into the policy. It specifies a specific list of actions from the insurer and indicates its number. We recommend that you always carry the printed policy with you, and also do not forget to save it electronically.

First of all, you need to call the insurance company at the number specified in the policy. Employees will confirm that the case turned out to be insurance, calm down and propose a plan for further action. If the case is not considered insurance, you will have to pay for medical assistance on your own.

Registration of insurance in Europe

Usually insurers immediately connect their customers with a service company. The victim calls her his contact details and briefly describes the essence of the problem. If the service company determines that the deductible (a certain amount that is not paid even in the case of an insured event) covers the costs of providing medical care, then immediately sends the victim to the hospital without reimbursing the cost of medical care. In other cases, the service company responds literally for everything: calls an ambulance, pays for the treatment, takes the victim home.

There are two types of reimbursement of expenses: compensation and service. The first one involves payment of medical services to the victims themselves, with all pharmacy and hospital receipts preserved. In this case, the insurance company covers his expenses already upon arrival home. With the service type of compensation, the insurer pays for everything at once.