How is it profitable to buy air tickets in Russia?

Flights within Russia are popular regardless of the season: Russians often go to relatives, make business trips, go to other cities for treatment, etc. In the article below, we collected all relevant information on budget flights within Russia.


General information

At the moment, more than 100 airlines are registered in Russia. The largest and most recognizable of them is Aeroflot, which exists in the market of air transportation since 1932.

Among the major domestic airlines are S7 Airlines, Transaero, Utair, Belavia, Ural Airlines, Globus and Azur Air.

Air tickets in Russia are practically not purchased by foreign passport. For booking, most Russians use a regular passport. With him, they are sent for landing at the airport.



Flights from Moscow to Russia are cheaper than from any other city in the country. Aircraft almost always depart from the capital's airports filled, so that companies do not incur losses and establish affordable fares for such flights.

The cheapest way to fly from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The minimum cost of round-trip air tickets in this direction is only 1,900 rubles. At times, it increases to 7,000 rubles. The average annual price of the flight from the capital to St. Petersburg and back is 5000 rubles.

From Moscow, you can fly to any city in the country in which there is an airport. Flights from the capital to Sochi and back cost about 7,000 rubles, to Krasnodar - to 5,500 rubles, to Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk and Tyumen - to 8,000 rubles, to Samara and Kazan - to 5,000 rubles.

Flights between provincial cities are more expensive. For example, air tickets for Russia from Novosibirsk to Ufa and back cost passengers 15,000 rubles, from St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk - to 17,000 rubles, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad - to 30,000 rubles.

Cheap flights to Russia 


Ways to save money

The main thing is to get tickets in advance, and not at the last minute. Airlines admit that they are starting to raise ticket prices already 4 weeks before departure. For example, flights from St. Petersburg in Russia to Ekaterinburg cost 17,000 rubles a day before departure and only 10,000 rubles a month before departure.

To save money on the flight, you can wait for the shares. Coupons for air tickets in Russia at a discount regularly appear on the sites of Aeroflot and S7 Airlines. For even greater savings, you can find on the Internet a promotional code for flights of a particular airline. It is important to understand that promotional codes are not used by all carriers.

Aeroflot owns three subsidiaries: Victory, Russia and Aurora. They position themselves as loukosterov and offer the cheapest air tickets in Russia. Lowcosters deprive their passengers of amenities like free baggage and hot meals on the plane. But the airline tickets "Rossiya" sometimes cost 40% cheaper than tickets from leading carriers.

To save on the flight, you need to choose tickets at the right time. Every year they become more expensive in two periods: before the beginning of the summer season and on the eve of New Year's holidays. It is most economical to go on a trip in November, in the second half of January or in February. Prices for flights in March, April and May are at the average annual mark.

The cost affects not only the month, but also the time of departure. Flights to comfortable daytime hours for passengers are more expensive than uncomfortable night flights. Flights for a weekend in economy class are always getting more expensive, so experienced passengers choose weekdays for trips. Tickets to the business class are getting cheaper on Saturday and Sunday.



Finding and buying cheap air tickets

The independent search for air tickets in Russia rarely leads to the desired results. To find cheap tickets manually, you need to see the websites of dozens of airlines. Instead, it is more convenient to use aggregator sites, which instantly analyze the rates of different carriers and offer their users the most advantageous options.

Aviasales, OneTwoTrip and Skyscanner - the top three among such services. They not only allow you to search for cheap Russian air tickets online for specific dates, but also perform a search by month or year. It is important to understand that the above sites will not be able to find cheap flights for you for a week or a day before departure. Therefore, rely only on them is not worth it, it is advisable to follow the tips for finding budget flights, which we described in detail above.

To find a budget flight through Aviasales, OneTwoTrip or Skyscanner, you need to specify the city of departure and arrival, the date of travel and the number of passengers. Then you need to select the best ticket from all offered and start booking. Aviasales and Skyscanner redirect their users to airline sites or partner services where they make a purchase, and OneTwoTrip offers a ticket service on their own.

Using the above sites, you can not only find the cheapest flight options, but also book an inexpensive hotel in the city of arrival, as well as rent a car or other transportation. OneTwoTrip provides its users with favorable discounts for such services.