All you need to know about air tickets to Europe

In recent years, the air transportation market is growing rapidly. This is especially evident in European countries, where there is a huge number of large international airports. Due to the high demand for air transportation, new companies are constantly appearing in the market, which offer low prices for their services. In the conditions of competition, old air carriers are also forced to cut prices. Below you will learn about simple ways of profitable air tickets booking in the popular European destinations.


General information

Regular flights to Europe are carried out by approximately 20 major airlines, carrying more than 7 million passengers per year. European companies Lufthansa and Ryanair annually serve about 200 million people.

Flights within Europe usually last no more than 2 hours. For any European destination, at least one flight is sent per day. The most visited city in Europe is London. It attracts even more tourists than Paris.


Advantageous booking of air tickets to Europe

To book tickets is profitable, you first need to know the approximate prices of the market. In addition, it is important to monitor the discounts and special offers of airlines, which are announced regularly. It is also necessary to compare the cost of tickets in different months and days, because it can be very different even on neighboring dates.

With all of the above, the aggregator sites - the services, in the bases of which hundreds of airlines are contained - perfectly well. Such services instantly respond to fluctuations in prices and display the best flight options for their users.

How to book a ticket to Europe? 



Aviasales is a site that helps travelers find the cheapest air tickets. The service itself does not deal with sales, it only sends its users to sites where they can purchase tickets at a previously known price.

The Aviasales website works with a huge number of airlines and air ticket agencies. The service cooperates only with trusted companies and recommends traveling with them.

The Aviasales website does not take monetary remuneration from its users. He only shows them the most advantageous variants of the flight (including transplants) so that they do not overpay for the ticket.

The principle of operation of the site-aggregator Aviasales is simple: the user enters data about his journey (the date of departure and arrival, the city of departure and arrival, the number of passengers, class), activates the search, looks through all the available options, finds the optimal one, goes to the link to purchase it. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.

"Low Price Calendar" and "Low Price Map" are two claimed functions from the Aviasales website. The first one makes it possible to understand in which month of the year tickets for the direction chosen by the user are the cheaper ones. The second option shows all cheap routes in the user-selected time period.



OneTwoTrip positions itself as a service for organizing independent travel. On it you can find and purchase profitable tickets for airplane and train, and book a cheap hotel.

Service OneTwoTrip works on the same principle as Aviasales: it asks the user for information about the upcoming trip, makes a search based on them, sorts out the available options (for price, flight duration, availability of transfers, airline rating) and sends a new link to make a purchase .

The main difference between the two services is that OneTwoTrip deals with direct sales, while Aviasales is focused only on finding beneficial flight options. Buying tickets through OneTwoTrip is absolutely safe. The user enters his passport data, specifies the e-mail address, selects additional options on board and makes payments using a bank card.

Service OneTwoTrip instantly notifies the airline about the perfect purchase. Immediately thereafter, the carrier adds the user to the list of passengers for the flight. As an acknowledgment, an e-ticket comes to his e-mail. To board a flight it is not required.