What to see in Belgium for a tourist?

Small in territory and extremely compact Belgium is very interesting and attractive for tourists, it does not occupy a large area on the world map, but clearly deserves your attention. Life within the country can be most accurately characterized by the term "tolerance" - there are three official languages: Flemish, French and German, besides in Belgium there are a variety of religions, and among the Belgians themselves it is customary to respect the mores and beliefs of representatives of other peoples.

The Belgian capital has long been recognized as the political center of the European Union, Brussels hosts the headquarters of NATO. But tourists and Belgium and Brussels are attracted not by this, but by their museums and architectural monuments, rich culture, cheerful carnivals, excellent shopping and, of course, Belgian chocolate. The local traditions are interesting and unique, therefore it's rather difficult to tell about them briefly. For example, on the eve of New Year's Eve, young Belgians wait for two analogues of our Father Frost: Franko's Wallon invites Per Noel, and Saint Nicholas comes to the children from Flanders.

Belgium attractions, a giant carpet

The festival of cats, held once in three years in Ypres, is also unique. In no case should you confuse this festival with an ordinary exhibition of pets - during its holding from the central bell tower to the assembled local residents and visitors of the city in a huge number of dumped toy cats. During the Middle Ages, this holiday was distinguished by some gloominess, but today's cat festival is an excellent occasion to have a good time, and, according to an old tradition, get rid of the burden of your sins.


Belgium Brussels Attractions

The Belgian capital is rich in various significant monuments, which are real architectural masterpieces, the main among which of course is the palace of Belgian kings, St. Michael's Cathedral, a very grandiose building of the town hall with a very remarkable tower, a height of ninety meters. Brussels is famous for a large number of museums that have masterpieces of painting, which are very valuable exhibits. These include an amusing and at the same time very interesting object called Mini Europe, which is a collection of mocked images of known values from all over the continent on a scale. However, Belgian attractions are concentrated not only in Brussels.

The Brussels Museum of René Magritte. René Magritte is a surrealist artist who created his paintings in the 20th century. His paintings are real items collected in unrealistic situations and compositions. His works are allegorical, and you can think over them endlessly. The building itself, dedicated to the artist's work, looks unusual, but the collection of his paintings makes a person think about life.

The writer is a writer. An ancient sculpture depicting a little boy pissing into the pool. Its appearance is connected with military actions, but it is not known exactly with which history. Already there are many versions of the origin of the statue. The boy has a name, he is sometimes dressed up in outfits of different countries and nationalities, there is even a very colorful exposition.


Attractions of the glorious city of Belgium Bruges

The famous city of Bruges is famous for its ancient houses and canals, with picturesque bridges thrown over them. The market square of the city has preserved many of the buildings of the eighteenth century, another interesting object for tourists - the watchtower of Belford, embodying the courage of the inhabitants of Bruges. All these attractions make the city not only a center of tourism, but also just a pleasant and romantic place.

Belfry of Bruges. This high-rise building was built in the 13th century. Since then, many times it has been altered. You can climb the bell tower, it offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Until now, it hangs about five dozen bells, a musical concert which can be listened to, being near the construction.

Belgium Bruges sightseeing places, photo bell tower


Sights of the city of Ghent in Belgium

In Ghent, beautiful magnificent castles and the city hall have survived to this day, the cathedral attracts tourists with its famous altar, as well as walls painted by the famous Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck. The local museum of archeology represents a very big interest in the expositions it contains, as well as its location. In addition, the city is widely known for the festivals held every year, among which, as colorful and colorful, it is necessary to highlight the events held in October.


Antwerp Belgium sightseeings

The symbol of the city of Antwerp, most fully conveyed the essence, were opened palms. There are really a lot of them: very small, made of silver, bigger - from biscuit and chocolate, and finally, the largest - made of stone and bronze. In the Maritime Museum you will be able to learn more about the history of the Antwerp port, and in any of the many jewelry stores you will see another source of urban prosperity - diamonds. In Antwerp there are four diamond exchanges and almost four hundred lapidary workshops, approximately twelve thousand cutters work here.


Liège Belgium tourist attractions

Liège is a city with a thousand-year history, famous for its industrial past. Once it was famous for its gunsmiths, metallurgists and crystal manufacturers, but today it can rightly be called the cultural center of Belgium. The abundance of ancient churches and other medieval buildings, as well as museums and art galleries, put it on a par with the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Among the most important architectural landmarks of the city can be identified the Palace ensemble of prince-bishops, erected in the early 11th century. Constructed with elements of Italian renaissance, Gothic and neoclassical style, the Palace building really serves as a decoration of the central square.

Of great interest is the Town Hall, on the pediment of which the coat of arms of the city is placed. The entrance is decorated with a memorial plaque dedicated to the commissioner Megre - the hero of detective stories residing in the city of Z.Symenona.


Leuven landmarks in Belgium

Leven is known primarily for the oldest Catholic University in Belgium, which was founded in the first half of the 15th century and gained worldwide fame thanks to its graduates and professors, among them the famous "Prince of Humanists" Erasmus of Rotterdam. Today, students and teachers of the university make up one third of the entire population of Leuven, which imposes a special imprint on the city's image.

It is famous for Leuven and incredibly beautiful old buildings in the Gothic style, among which the Town Hall is especially distinguished, its facade is decorated with 236 statues depicting the famous inhabitants of the city. No less interesting are other attractions: the collegiate church of St. Petra, Cloth series and built without a single nail Church of St. Gertrude

Leuven Hall in Belgium

Mechelen, located on the banks of the river Dil, can be called one of the most undervalued cities in Belgium. It is not so popular among tourists as Brussels or Bruges, and here one of the most impressive temples of the country is located - the cathedral of St. Rumold, listed in the UNESCO heritage list. In addition to its architecture, the cathedral is also interesting because it contains an important Orthodox shrine - the icon "Our Lady of Miracles", transferred here from Constantinople in the VIII century.

For several centuries Mechelen has been the residence of the archbishop of Belgium, as well as the center of bell casting and bell music throughout Europe. Add to this the stunning baroque churches, the majestic museum buildings, the picturesque embankment - and you will get a unique sample of European classics.

The charming town of Kortrijk, located at the intersection of the Leie River and the Leie-Scheldt canal. City history begins with ancient times, as evidenced by the remains of the village, which inhabited the Romans, Kortoriaqum. The heyday of Kortrijk took place in the Middle Ages at the heyday of the cloth industry, as the National Flax Museum recalls today.

From the medieval times in Kortrijk, the most beautiful buildings have been preserved that distinguish it from other cities with medieval architecture: the Belfort tower, crowned with a spire with a gilded statue of the Roman god Mercury, the Church of the Most Holy Mother of God built from gray stone and the adjacent ungulate of St. Elizabeth, as well as other historical buildings.

The resorts of Belgium stretched along the coast of the North Sea. This is a real paradise for connoisseurs of the soft sun and invigorating water, in addition, the towns themselves, which have preserved the charm of the Middle Ages, look very picturesque.

The most popular place is Ostend, the beaches of which are great for a leisurely holiday by the sea, and the urban infrastructure allows you to diversify leisure. The city has a marine aquarium, a casino, a racetrack, a museum complex and historical buildings.

To the west of Ostend is the town of Middelkerk, famous for its cozy waterfront, and on the St-V coast is the luxurious resort of Knokke-Heist, equipped with all the attributes of an elite holiday: fine beaches, swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses.

The Menena Gate is a memorial erected in Ypres to soldiers who fell in the First World War in battles for the city. The monument is made in the form of an arch, the inner sides of which are covered with tablets with the surnames of the dead fighters, whose bodies could not be found and buried. Crowned by its symbol of Flanders - the figure of a lion.

Since the opening of the monument in Ypres, there is a ritual: every day at eight o'clock in the evening a trumpeter from the city fire department blows off at the gate.

Cave An-sur-Les. This is a fabulous place created by nature. An extensive network of caves has galleries, halls and an underground river. Stone vaults are decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, forming groups and columns. You can not see all this beauty by yourself. You can get here with a group and a guide, after a ride on an old sightseeing tram a couple of kilometers through the forest a small river.

Waterloo Museum in Belgium


Waterloo Museum

The Battle of Waterloo Europeans consider the historical event that laid the foundations of the modern democratic world. Therefore, the whole museum complex is dedicated to this battle. There is an opportunity to watch films devoted to the battle, to visit the field itself, where military operations took place. In the museum of wax figures you can see Napoleon and other military commanders who took part in the battle.


Antwerp-Central Railway Station

Antwerp Railway Station is an old building with many beautiful architectural details and large glass surfaces. Its appearance resembles an ancient castle, and in the building itself modern pointers and advertising echo with architectural delights.


Diamond Quarter of Antwerp

Antwerp has long been known for its craftsmen who process diamonds. Diamond Quarter is a huge complex of buildings with a lot of workshops for processing precious stones and shopping complexes, where you can buy jewelry. There are also stock exchanges for the sale of diamonds. If you want to buy a jewel, this is the best place for such a purchase.