Switzerland - a rich and developed country located in the heart of Europe. Tourists from all over the world come here for a holiday on the picturesque meadows and active holidays in the ski resorts and, of course, a tour of historical and cultural sites. In this article, we present the sights of Switzerland with photos and description.



Attractions Geneva in Switzerland

In Geneva, opened the Botanical Garden - one of the few who managed to get worldwide recognition. Experienced travelers advised to go here for the whole day.

Geneva Botanical Garden

In the Garden collected more than 12 thousand plants from different parts of the world. It is divided into several thematic parts such as the Arboretum, the alpine park, etc.

Geneva Botanical Garden has become a haven for rare and endangered species. Here you can see the house pink flamingos, aviaries and a deer park.

Over the entrance to the Botanical Garden not have to pay. In each of its thematic area there are free places for a picnic. you can give your plant a garden, which is bound to be mentioned your name if you wish.

The main attraction of Geneva is considered the Cathedral of St. Peter, which began to build in the Romanesque era, and finished in Gothic. In general, the construction of the building took 150 years. He could often be seen in the photo sites in Switzerland.

Собор святого Петра в Женеве

The walls of the cathedral is stored chair Calvin, attracting a lot of attention. With the coming of darkness on the temple grounds include spotlights, and at exactly 12 midnight chimes sounding national anthem.

Geneva to admire from a height, you can climb the north tower of the temple. It split the viewing platform that runs in the warm season.

To feel the atmosphere of Geneva, is to go to the Old Town, full of iconic places and the possibilities for an interesting pastime. There are many cafes and restaurants with national cuisine, working antique shops.

Old Town in Geneva

The Old City is also the local city hall, church, designed by Grimm of St Petersburg and several museums, which we describe below.

You can see the Museum of Art and History, in which collection contains paintings of famous painters and sculptors of all time. The exhibition also displays ancient artifacts and rare musical instruments. Tourists who are going to go to this museum, waiting for some good news: it is not necessary to pay for the entrance.

You can diversify leisure hike to the museum, "Ariana." In it you will see a visual history of the appearance of glass, ceramic and porcelain ware, as well as consider the example of an interesting mosaic. The museum has a private garden and a café with an outdoor terrace. It offers a magnificent view of the city.

In Geneva, he worked and lived the famous writer Voltaire, after whom this city will be a museum. In it you can see the personal details of life and learn a lot about the creative path of the writer.

League of Nations Palace - another interesting place in Geneva. The palace complex, which occupies a vast territory, is the residence of the UN. This palace is a symbol of international politics.

Palace of the League of Nations in Geneva

Every year there are more than 5,000 meetings arranged. When official receptions do not go, the halls of the palace complex open to visitors. In his free time in their meetings are held concerts and exhibitions.

As a rule, every tour includes a visit to the ceremonial rooms that were the most important negotiations between the leading countries, and are the key to the history of the agreement.

The palace complex and interesting from a cultural point of view, because it assembled a collection of works of art. The park is filled with monuments - gifts from various countries.



Attractions in Zurich Switzerland

Zurich - Switzerland's largest city, which collected a considerable number of the most important attractions of this country. One of the symbols of the city is considered to be built in the Romanesque Grossmünster church, which is visible from afar. The majestic structure stands against the backdrop of Lake Zurich.

Grossmunster Church in Zurich

Architecture - the main feature of the church. On the south tower adorns the statue of Charlemagne, originally owned the temple. On the bronze doors of the church preserved Roman letters, and inside were elaborate stained-glass windows.

Zurich Zoo is considered one of the best in Europe. At the moment, it is home to more than 3,000 representatives of the world of flora and fauna. Animals live in a supportive environment as close to natural. For example, to create conditions leopards Similar to Himalaya, and swim penguins in chilled water. Zurich Zoo - an excellent choice for a family holiday.

Kunsthaus - a huge museum has an extensive collection of Swiss and European art of the past centuries. That it represented the largest after Paris collection of works by Monet. The Kunsthaus paintings by Van Gogh, which the artist painted in the last years of his life. The museum often arranged temporary exhibitions, which presented works by contemporary painters and sculptors.

Kunsthaus in Zurich


Attractions in Interlaken in Switzerland

Interlaken - the tourism center in Switzerland. Most travelers come here for an active holiday in the mountains or a tranquil pastime in the lap of nature, which pampers visitors with its beauty.

The city itself is located between two lakes. With their banks wonderful views of the nearby mountains. However, the key Swiss attractions in this region are located in the vicinity of Interlaken, and not in the town itself.

Jungfraujoch - the highest point in Europe, which can be reached without climbing skills. It employs special mountain train that delivers all comers to a height of over 4,000 m.


At the top is an observation deck, which offers a fascinating panorama of the Alps. Along the way you can visit the Ice Museum, created directly in the cave. Cave is in perpetual glacier inside built ice sculpture.

Beatus famous caves are located just 6 km from Interlaken. Inside them you will see underground lakes and ancient stalagmites. The lakes, you can ride on a ship in the form of a dragon. It is important to bear in mind that it is always cold and damp cave.

Right at the cave complex open restaurants. With their terraces offer amazing views of the waterfalls. Nearby is a museum of caves, which collected a decent collection of minerals.


Attractions Lucerne in Switzerland

Lucerne - a colorful city, the most appropriate to explore the "real" Switzerland. In it you will see the characteristic of Swiss architecture and design "gingerbread" houses, wooden bridges, walls, numerous turrets and spiers. The prices here are lower than in the larger and more famous places for recreation.

To visually inspect the city, enough to come to the bridge kapellbrücke, offering a picturesque view. You will see the local town hall, a church named Leodegara, Jesuit church and the water tower, and then be able to go to your favorite places.

Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

If you want to enjoy plenty of nature, would be enough to travel outside of Lucerne. Just a 10-minute drive from the town offers crystal lakes, rocky river, mountain peaks with glaciers and fresh air.


Attractions in Bern in Switzerland

Bern Historic District can be considered as a single attractions, because all of it is included in the UNESCO list. The main building is considered the Cathedral. Its construction took back in 1421, and finished only at the end of the 19th century. the entrance facade is decorated with bas-reliefs, all of which there are more than 200.

Lovers of peace and quiet can head to the Kleine Schanze park, located on a small hill. The park is equipped with multiple viewing platforms from which you can spend hours looking at the historical streets of the city. Summer in the park planted dozens of varieties of plants, followed by carefully tended.

Kleine Schanze Park


Attractions in Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano - Southern town with an impressive number of parks and green spaces. The most popular place to stay in the city for many years considered kivik park with luxurious flower beds and subtropical unique plants. On its territory there are jogging and sitting areas, there are often concerts.

Other attractions of the town is one of a kind Chocolate Museum, Art Museum and numerous art galleries. On campus and creativity of local people are very strongly influenced by Italy, it is easy to notice each attentive traveler.