Sweden - one of the most popular in Scandinavia. In it local color and architecture of the past centuries harmoniously intertwined with the high standard of living and modernity. In this article, we will tell you about Sweden sights with photos and names. The material collected below will help you plan your trip to this country.

 Sights of sweden


Attractions in Stockholm, Sweden with photos

Stockholm - economic, cultural and tourist center of Sweden, which contains the bulk of the country's attractions. Travelers also called it one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia as a whole.

The main attraction of Stockholm and Sweden considered Vadstena Abbey - a place where even people far removed from religion come. Abbey, founded back in the 14th century, is considered to be a Catholic. For a time it lived both men and women. Now the country's largest abbey were only nuns.

Vadsten Abbey in Sweden

The main advantage of this place is its location, Vadstena Abbey is located on a beautiful location near Lake Vättern. On its territory you can walk for a long time, admiring the beauty of nature and the majesty of the building itself.

The monastery is in the Gothic style, which is characterized by austerity and monumentality. Despite this, in the territory of the Abbey you can see many sculptures that do not belong to the Gothic.

The Abbey is the collection of works of art belonging to the era of the Middle Ages. Its examination is not always included in the tour, but on request you can pay for the opportunity to see the works of Scandinavian artists.

Nuns with cheerfulness take guests Vadstena Abbey. For a fee, you can get not only a tour of the monastery, but also to stay for the night. Usually they do want to relax from the hustle and find harmony.

Among the main attractions of Sweden, located in Stockholm, we can not distinguish Drottningholm Palace. It was built in the 17th century and was the residence of the royal family dwelling.

Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm

Approaching the Drottningholm Palace, you will see a huge surrounding territory, well-groomed and beautiful. Directly in front of the palace scatters green park. The building itself has a dull facade and dark roofs. Its architecture is magnificent baroque elements are harmoniously combined with traditional English landscape style.

Drottningholm Palace, or rather, some of its premises open to the public. Finding himself in a magnificent building, you can see the room of Queen Hedwig Eleonora and stroll through the reading room Ulrika Eleonora. For entry and inspection will need to pay 100 crowns, which will cost about $ 15. For children pay 50 crowns.

Globen Arena - one of the favorite attractions Stockholmers themselves, has become a symbol of this Swedish city. It is considered the world's largest spherical construction and attracts millions of tourists every year.

The Globen Arena operates spherical capsule that takes visitors to a height of 130 meters. From there, they enjoy the panorama of the city. The interesting thing is that the trip to the top takes a whole 20 minutes, during which you can see Stockholm from different angles.

On each of the floors Globa Arena center has cafes and restaurants. Many people choose this place to celebrate important events, often doing there a marriage proposal.

Stockholm boasts of its many museums. The most visited of them is a unique museum complex "Vasa". It is a real ship, which was built in the 17th century, and even launched, but almost at the shore sank. After a few decades, the ship brought to the surface, and then turned into a museum.

According to experts, the ship remained more than 90%. This is particularly evident in its magnificently decorated interior and an abundance of carved sculptures. During the tour the tour showing the film (there are Russian-speaking version), which tells the story of the process of lifting the ship and its subsequent restoration.

In Stockholm there are a number of interesting museums. For example, in a museum of living history, which is located in the open, you will see a miniature Sweden attractions with photos and description. The museum has collected more than 150 buildings from all over the country.

The museum staff dressed in traditional costume and demonstrate to visitors the history of their country. If desired, the inspection of living history museum can be combined with going to the zoo, which is based here.


Attractions in Gothenburg in Sweden

To find out Sweden and its attractions, is definitely worth to go to Gothenburg - Sweden's largest city, is not less interesting than Stockholm. This is not only a cultural, but also a sports center, which regularly organizes championships. They are happy to go the tourists.

Inspection Gothenburg usually start from the quay, which is located along the canal. Here is the famous Gothenburg Opera, which has become a kind of symbol of the city. On the opera stage suit ballets. To view the magnificent decoration of the inside of the opera, you can go to the local restaurant. From its terrace with a beautiful view of the city and river.

Gothenburg Opera

Almost all museums of the city are concentrated in the central part of the city, at a short distance from each other. The most popular is the Gothenburg Museum of Art, which is based in the architectural monuments belonging to the era of neo-classicism. In this museum you will find a rich collection of works of art of the 19th century. Here come the true connoisseurs of art, who want to see the masterpieces of Monet and Rembrandt. In one of the halls of the museum opened a center for modern photography.

A few minutes walk from the Design Museum. It has the country's largest collection of works by contemporary Swedish designers. They coexist folk art creations. It opens a shop and a restaurant in the museum.

Nearby works Universum museum dedicated to the discoveries in the field of science and modern technology. The interesting thing is that the passage to the museum is through a glass tunnel. When a visitor enters the building above it float fish.

As a separate category of interest in Sweden in Gothenburg can distinguish the local beaches. Before them out of the city center is by public transport. If desired, you can go from Gothenburg to the Western Archipelago, where the push off passenger ferries. The archipelago arrange numerous boat trips along the scenic.

If you can afford to stay in Goteborg for a few days, do not forget about the park Liseberg amusement, which was recognized as the largest in the country. Local amusement park even entered the top ten according to the prestigious magazine Forbes.

amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg

 Liseberg has more than 30 attractions for children and adults. Among them are both extreme slide and classic rides for those who do not like extreme. Children have fun in the thematic areas and spend time on the playground.

Liseberg - one of the few recreational facilities including a private park area, which is buried in flowers and rare plants. There's even a few waterfalls, near which nice to relax on hot days. Sometimes in this amusement park hosts concerts and festivals with the participation of world-class stars.


Attractions in Malmo Sweden

Malmo - a small Swedish town, which can be viewed in just a single day. People come here not only for the sights of Sweden and photos, but also for a beach holiday.

Special attention should be a central part of the city Västra Hamma, where the main building is based Malmo - 190-meter skyscraper. Get into it you are unlikely to succeed, because the private apartments are located in addition to conference rooms and sports centers in the building.

Skyscraper in Vestr Hamm, Malma

This district is considered the most environmentally friendly of all. Walking through it, you will see the Oresund bridge and be sure to leave a long promenade. On the coast there are several beaches.

Malmö - a city of art with more than 50 museums and galleries. In the palace Malmöhus based Art Museum, which has an extensive collection of classical and contemporary art. In the same building is a museum of natural history, which holds the stuffed animals and the centuries-old artifacts.

Malmöhus Palace in Malmo