Spain - sunny and cheerful country offering good holiday for all tastes. In the summer it attracts beach pastime for the winter - for a visit to famous ski resorts. Regardless of the time of year it is a European country attracts lovers of rich excursion program. Our article on the attractions of Spain with photos and description, suitable for all categories of tourists.

 Holy Family Cathedral


Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, ranks first among the attractions of Barcelona in Spain. This is a bizarre construction is included in the UNESCO list and is under the protection of the organization.

Tourists who first see this extraordinary building, do not understand what it is. On the one hand, the structure resembles a church building, but on the other hand seems to be too unusual for a religious temple.

Sagrada Familia was started in 1882, but has not yet been completed. Surprisingly, that the construction works are carried out solely by individual donations.

The architect of the unusual construction was Antonio Gaudi. He refused to build another Gothic church and based his architectural project natural forms. Now cathedral structure resembles geometrical figures.

Although Gaudi has not adhered to a clear framework, it is still kept in the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia church classic features: built crypt, bell tower erected, paid attention to the chapel choir.

Gaudi wanted that each of the facade of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral was its meaning. Semantic load is on luxury reliefs that tell us the story of the life of Jesus Christ.

For example, the first facade shows us the birth of Christ. No other part of the cathedral was not completely built by Gaudí.

Author architectural masterpiece died without seeing the final result of their creations. At work on one of the main attractions of the city of Barcelona in Spain, he spent as much as 43 years of his life.


Park Guell

Park Guell - another project realized by the architect Antoni Gaudí. It is the most famous park in Barcelona, which was originally conceived as a private residential complex.

Even the entrance to the Güell looks fantastic: the tourists are large "gingerbread" houses with white roofs. In the park visitors navigate through flowery paths and narrow alleys.

The main attraction of the Park Güell is a long bench, which is located on the upper terrace. It is shaped like a sea serpent. If you look closely, in an unusual construction, you can see the Catalan flag.

On a hillside adorned hall with 86 columns. Inside it excellent acoustics, making it a popular place for musical performances. The ceiling of the hall is covered with extraordinary mosaics.

The area of nature - another area of the Park Güell, worthy of attention. Initially it planned to use as a theater area, but it did not happen. The area is surrounded by natural vegetation.

If you're in the Park Guell, be sure to visit the Gaudi House, dedicated to the great architect. In the house lived the creator, it remained its furniture and utensils. Gaudi designed his house himself.

Walking along one of the most famous attractions of Spain, whose photos are impressive, it is difficult to believe that it was commercially unsuccessful.

Initially, the architect wanted to sell the local houses of rich citizens, but the demand for them was not. Barcelona government bought Gaudí architectural design and turn it into a park.



Prado is considered one of the most important sights of Spain and one of the largest museums in Europe. Only in the collection of the Prado paintings there are 8600 paintings. In addition to fine art in the halls of the museum are exhibited masterpieces of sculpture, treasure dauphins and other valuable artifacts.

Prado has the world's most complete collections of the works of Hieronymus Bosch, El Greco, Velazquez, and other key figures in the art world. The huge hall is reserved for the masterpieces of Venetian artists: Titian, Tintoretto, Bassano. On the ground floor is dominated by the Prado collection of works by Raphael.

In the museum with an avid periodic exhibitions of foreign artists. Some Prado masterpieces are exhibited in other museums around the world. For example, in 2011 they were in the St. Petersburg Hermitage.

 Burgos Cathedral


Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral - one of the most striking examples of late Gothic architecture. This magnificent temple, located in the city of Burgos, is recognized as one of the most visited attractions in the Kingdom of Spain.

The cathedral was laid in 1221. Construction work came to an end only in the 16th century, when added to the temple spiers and built a chapel. Now the cathedral looks exactly the same as after the end of construction and finishing works.

The interior of the Cathedral of Burgos meets all the canons of the Baroque style: there are a lot of thread, sculptures, stained glass and other luxury decorative items. In the northern part of the cathedral remained staircase, covered with gold leaf.

Note the clock with rotating figures that hang at the entrance, and do not forget to go to the chest Sid. According to the legend, Sid scored it with sand, trying to outwit the Jewish usurers.

The Burgos Cathedral is kept the statue of the Virgin and Child - the main pride of this religious place. By the way, the cathedral itself is also dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

If you want to see a more complete description of the sights of Italy, who visit, go to the courtyard of the temple. In the arcades you will find entertaining exhibits that tell you more about this place.


City of Arts and Sciences

Many tourists pave your route through Barcelona and Madrid, completely forgetting about the other worthy cities like Valencia. It is a port and resort in combination one of the oldest settlements in the country.

Among the many attractions of Valencia in Spain occupies a leading position in the City of Arts and Sciences. It is a whole set of themed buildings which bring the tourists a lot of impressions and new knowledge.

Oceanographic Park - dominant of the City of Arts and Sciences and the largest institution of its kind in the whole of Europe. Under the roof of the center collected flora and fauna from different parts of the world. For each ecosystem separate building constructed. In one you will see tigers, and in another look at the tropical reptiles.

The composition of the City of Arts and Sciences also includes the Planetarium, Botanical Gardens, Palace of Arts, Sofia, Center Agora. To see all the treasures of this place, to admire themselves view of futuristic buildings and plenty of work up on the green area, better take a whole day.


Canary Islands

Although the Spanish cities with impressive sights, even on them can be tiring. To diversify the rest and relaxation, you can go to the Canary Islands - a natural attraction of the country and popular resort among discerning travelers.

Canary Islands is primarily known for its mild climate, which allows you to relax on them throughout the year. Tourists often go to swim in the open sea, go fishing, scuba diving, yachting engaged.

In the Canary Islands is the Teide volcano, on top of which you can climb. With peak Spectacular panoramic view of the sea, forests, resorts, highlands, and other natural heritage of the islands.

Canary Islands - a paradise for gourmets. Their territory was created more than 150 wines, many of which have received worldwide recognition. In restaurants and cafes serves delicious fresh fish and seafood, and in the local villages, guests are treated fruit desserts.


Mount Urgull

Mount Urgull - the first from San Sebastian in Spain attractions on our list. It is not only natural, but also a historical object that has a great value for the country. Mountain is located in the central part of Donostia.

On top of Mount Urgull is a statue of the Sacred Heart. This is an important religious monument for believers. High statue is seen well with the city's many points on it Urgull Mountain can be easily recognized.

In addition to the statues on the hill stands the old castle of La Mota Castillo. He once served to protect the city from enemies and dangers, coming from the sea. Like a statue, the castle is located on top.

For a while, the castle served as a shelter for local residents. He has more than once saved the citizens during raids by the French.

Despite the fact that the castle of La Mota was built in the 12th century, he still remained in good condition. Walking through its territory, you will see the fortifications, cannon and other antiquities.

Now the castle of La Mota Castillo broken beautiful park area with viewing platforms. Since they offer the best view of San Sebastian in Spain and the attractions of the city.

It is best to visit Mount Urgull after exploring the historic city center. On streets Marie leads to the top of fragrant walkway, walk on which a lot of fun.


Mount Urgul