Slovenia - the south-eastern European country with a rich nature and great opportunities for cultural activities. Every year it attracts thousands of athletes, lovers of beach holidays and excursions lovers. In this article, we will tell you about the sights of Slovenia with a photo and description. This information will help to make suitable to your interests travel plan.



Attractions Ljubljana in Slovenia

Urban Castle - one of the most recognizable landmarks in Slovenia. The castle is located on a hill in the heart of the city. It was built in the 12th century, Ljubljana and defended against enemy attacks until the 18th century. After it was destroyed by a strong earthquake, and the restoration took years of construction.

City Castle in Ljubljana

The town's castle is based History Museum, which assembled the largest collection of ancient artifacts found in Ljubljana. It can be viewed in a virtual museum, as was the castle before. On the main tower of the castle City established an observation deck, which could see the whole city and its surroundings.

The next place in the travel route is usually the Prešeren Square - the heart of the capital and the most visited place of the city. The area is easily recognized by the monument of the poet Preseren. It is in his honor and was named this area.

Prešern Square

In between sightseeing, which abound in the Square, local and tourists enjoy a walk, meet and drink coffee in a local cafe.

On Preseren Square is Frantsianskaya Church of the Annunciation, which was built over 2 centuries. The temple is painted in red color, symbolizing the religious order. Unusual altar of the church attracts a lot of attention.

Ljubljana opened National Museum of Slovenia, in force since 1821. For years, the museum's collection is enriched, and today occupies a palace. The exhibition features the masterpieces of art, sculptures, archaeological finds and much more.

National Museum of Slovenia

To explore the museum will take at least half a day. For some time it will take to walk through the magnificent garden, which is adjacent to major metropolitan museum.


Attractions Maribor in Slovenia

Maribor - Slovenian town situated surrounded by highlands and vineyards. In the summer here come for the inspection of local attractions, many visit Maribor for winter active sports like skiing.

In the town of Maribor preserved old castle. If we compare the first photos of the sights in Slovenia today with images, it turns out that the appearance of the castle is almost unchanged.

Maribor Castle

In Maribor castle opened several museums and exhibition centers. From the museum, you can learn a lot about the history of the town and interesting facts from the life of the locals.

Maribor is widely known as a thermal spa. The first medicinal springs found here more than a century ago. Since then, the wellness center is open in the vicinity of Maribor.

If desired, you can not pass a course of treatment, and to make an ad hoc procedure. Each wellness center offers a swimming pool and massage treatments hold.

Maribor attracts connoisseurs of good spirits, but because here regularly hosts wine tours. Not far from Maribor with its historic factories for the production of wines, successfully operating for several centuries.

In any wine tour of the city includes a visit to tunnels with a total length of which reaches 2500 meters. Numerous cellars hold over 5 million liters of invigorating drink. Tourists who embark on wine tours, be sure to taste the best grades from local winemakers.



Attractions Portoroz in Slovenia

Portoroz - the most demanded resort town of Slovenia, which is on the Adriatic coast. In its vicinity are hitting mineral springs, and local treatment centers have become a visit card of the country.

This resort is focused on beach holidays and active entertainment, but the historical and cultural attractions of Slovenia is not here. Vacationers in Portoroz tourists visit the numerous beaches, casinos, restaurants and nightclubs.

As the main attractions of Portoroz can distinguish water park "Laguna Bernardin", which boasts the status of the largest institutions of its kind in Slovenia.

water park "Laguna Bernardin"

The water park is divided into 3 parts. The first is reserved for attractions, among which there are extreme slides for thrill-seekers. The other two parts with heated pools more like lovers relax.


Attractions Kranj in Slovenia

Kranj is just 20 km from Ljubljana, so a trip here can easily be combined with a tour of the capital. Outside the city are the waterfalls, lakes, ponds and even caves.

Kranj is interesting for its mountains, which could be seen from anywhere in the city. The mountains reaches 650 meters, with heights wonderful views of the crane and its surroundings.

In the central square of the city worth its main building - the church of St. Kanzian. This temple is considered a valuable symbol of Slovenian Gothic.

church of saint kanzian

Nearby is the local town hall. It is interesting because it combines just two buildings: one of them is built in the Gothic style, the other - a classic.

Inside the town hall is a museum dedicated to the famous sculptor Lojze Dolinar. It regularly hosts themed exhibitions on handicrafts and works of local artists.

In the main square stands Pavslars Kranj. On its territory a few historical buildings are located. They are interconnected closed transitions. The mansion houses a collection of ancient frescoes, which depict saints.

 Mansion Paverslars


Attractions Piran in Slovenia

Piran - Slovenia, an ancient port town, which stands on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. The architecture of the city was influenced by Italian tradition, due to the close cooperation between the two countries.

A key attraction of Tirana considered the Maritime Museum, which contains the results of a huge number of archaeological excavations carried out in the city.

Sea Museum in Tirana

Separate floor of the museum is dedicated to ships. Here you will see ancient galleons, corvettes and boats. The exposition of this unusual museum also has navigation tools, uniforms of local fishermen and other noteworthy items.


Attractions Koper in Slovenia

Koper - Slovenia, a small historical town, bordering with Italy. The influence of the neighboring country affected its architecture and culture.

The dominant feature of the central square of Koper was the Pretoria Palace, built in the 15th century. He became the first palace, erected specially for the local government representatives.

Pretoria Palace

The facade of the building is Gothic. Inside the palace you can see the magnificent interiors, furnished with luxury. Although the palace is still the official events are held on the first floor are arranged parallel to the exhibition.

The Koper based famous throughout Europe Vinakoper plant, which produces excellent wines that go for export. Each variety is made by a special recipe, the secret of which is kept secret. Guests plant can get acquainted with the peculiarities of Slovenian winemakers and taste the fragrant drink.

 Winochoper factory


Attractions Bled in Slovenia

Bled - resort town, which was chosen by the tourists, eager to peace and quiet on the beach. This town is famous for its location, making it one of the most picturesque places of Slovenia.

Among the natural attractions of Slovenia's Lake Bled is one of the main values of the country. Far from it built a number of hotels. Private beach is only at the luxurious "Grand Toplice".

lake bled

At the lake bicycle rental stations are working near located golf course, a short drive from the farm offers horseback riding. On the shore of Bled, you can try yourself in delta or paragliding. According to the lake go by canoe, go fishing on the coast.

From July to September in the crystal clear lake Bled you can swim. The local air is considered to be a universal remedy to combat fatigue, insomnia and depression.