What to see in Belarus?

The former republic of the Soviet Union, and now the independent state of Belarus, has been a lively interest for tourists from many countries for more than two decades. In this brief review we will try to give information about the most interesting places in the country and some features related to the potential trip.

For many centuries, Belarus changed its primitive system, was under the rule of many states, was part of Lithuania, Poland, the Russian Empire and the USSR. These countries imposed their customs and customs, in spite of this, Belarus managed to preserve its inimitable culture and nationality. This beautiful corner of the earth was able to absorb all the best from these countries. Thanks to this in every part of this region you will find unmatched cultural monuments and structures.

The main famous places of the Republic of Belarus that are worth seeing are ancient castles and family estates, wonderful cathedrals and monasteries, wild reserves, centuries-old fascinating buildings, interesting museums and ethnic villages, places where great poets, sculptors, artists, scientists were born and grew up , modern art and much more. You will learn the most interesting about all corners of this beautiful country. You will get acquainted with curious signs and facts, comprehend the world of princes, study history and plan your trip route through fascinating and hospitable Belarus. A photo with descriptions of Belarus' s sights can be seen in our catalog.

Before a trip to Belarus it is worth to learn how to book accommodation, how to rent a car, everything about insurance and all sorts of excursions.

Достопримечательности Белоруссии



The insurance process is not mandatory, but important. The policy can be purchased in our company for the entire period of your stay in the country, you can get acquainted with the prices from the consultants of the company.


Rent a Car

Renting a car is often very easy to travel around the country and gives you the opportunity to visit many more attractions. It all depends on the type of travel and mode of travel. In special offices, you can rent a car with a fancy color, comfort class and an affordable price.



Travel agencies offer a wide range of excursions around Belarus. The indicative list of excursions:

  • sightseeing tours around Minsk;
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha - Brest;
  • Mir-Lida-Grodno;
  • Minsk-Dudutki-Mir-Lida-Grodno;
  • Zaslavl-Minsk-Belovezhskaya Pushcha-Brest.


Reservation of accommodation

You can spend the night in Belarus in the castle. The hotel complex is in Mir and Nesvizh. We advise not to miss this unique opportunity to spend the night in a castle, where princes once prince.


Sights of Belorussia

What to see in Belarus?

In each region of Belarus there is an object unknown to us. We mention only a small part of what we should see. The south of the country rattles with the glorious Brest Fortress, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where the majestic animals live, the points of Struve Arc.

The north of Belarus - Vitebsk region - the region of lakes. It is great to spend time with your family in a sanatorium or camp, enjoy the beauty of lakes. The edge is peppered with small towns with good ecology.

Grodno is famous for its ancient buildings and miraculous temples. Walking around the town of Grodno, you can enjoy its unsurpassed architecture.

Belarusian Polesie is truly fascinating. The most interesting places are in Gomel and Mozyr. Also worth visiting is Vetka, an Old Believer town. Do not forget about the most ancient city of Tours.

The world value of the Minsk region is the Nesvizh Palace of the Radziwills, the National Park "Narochansky", the Bernardine Church in Budslau. Here is the tragically famous Khatyn, Trostenets.

Several centuries ago, through Mogilev, there was a popular way "from the Varangians to the Greeks" along the Dnieper River. On this earth there is a castle of the 17th century. and an unmatched synagogue in Bykhov, Potemkin's palace in Krichev.


Sights of Minsk

Minsk is the most beautiful city. It perfectly combines modern painting with ancient buildings. The famous places of the capital include many museums, ancient castles, monuments of cultural heritage of various bygone eras.

The architectural design of the city is the City's Gate. This significant construction represents two similar 11-storeyed towers, located on the Railway station square. They designed the German clock, the coat of arms of the USSR and colorful sculptures of the partisan, collective farmer, engineer and worker.

One of the monuments of the last century is the Bolshoi Theater. This is the main opera stage of the country. His painting and artistry and beckons to visit him.

The historical center of Minsk is the Upper Town, which features features of the 12th century. Since the 16th century. built in this area cathedrals, chapels and monasteries. Getting acquainted with this place, you will get a real pleasure.

The National Library of Belarus deserves attention from modern buildings. The first building was born in 1926, in the 80's. 20 cent. the building decided to modernize. The modern library appeared in 2006, it resembles a cut diamond, which serves as a symbol of the importance and invaluable knowledge.



Lida Belarus attractions

Lida is practically the oldest city in Belarus. It is famous for its historical places. Among the historical monuments is the 14th-century Lida Castle, built by Prince Gedimin. To get to know the ancient history of Belarus begin with this castle. The castle was built of brick and rubble stone. The shape of the irregular quadrilateral, completed by the towers.

For the religious people, the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel will be especially interesting. The cathedral has undergone many changes and events. For example, in 1919 the cathedral was re-consecrated to the church, and in 1939 it was closed permanently. Only in 1996 the church healed again. It looks like a round building with a hemispherical dome, next to it there is a one-storey bell tower.

Be sure to see the house of the fascist leader Herman Von Ganvega. Three-story building, erected in 1935. It is also the oldest house of the manager of the tobacco factory. It has kept its appearance from the 20th century. Do not go past house number 23 on Zamkova Street, where the German veterinarian Ranertu lived.


Attractions of Belarus by car

If you want to travel by car, Belarus is simply created for this. There are wonderful roads and roadside service. If you have limited time, for example, three days, nothing will stop you from visiting the Belarusian lakes, Brest Fortress, Belovezhskaya Pushcha and unsurpassed castles. Belarus is especially proud of its ancient castles.

Separately I would like to mention the Golshansky Castle, located in the village of Golshany, erected by the order of Paul Stefan Sapieha in 1610. At one time it was the largest building of the rectangle shape, and today it is a continuous ruins, overgrown with grass.

Also worth a visit on the car Borisovsky Castle. Its construction lasted from the end of the 12th century. before the beginning of the 14th century. Under his authority was a navigable route that flowed from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Unfortunately, today, practically nothing has survived from him, but to touch his history will be very interesting.


Sights of Belarus for driving along the routes

We bring to your attention a convenient way of exploring Belarus by car: Minsk-Kossovo-Ruzhany-Synkovichi-Slonim-Zhirovichi-Minsk. The way to both sides is about 527 km, it takes more than six hours. The first point, which should pay attention to the Brest route from Minsk - Ivatsevichi, go further in the direction of Kossovo. After Merechevshchina appears. At this stop point, it is recommended that you look into the Puslovsky Pulp and the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Museum.

Behind these places follow Ruzhany. Next to this city stands the family palace of Ruzhansky, the property of the Sapieha clan. Afterwards we go to Zelvensky district to the Synkovich church. Then we visit the Holy Assumption Monastery in Zhirovichi. Visiting this holy place, we stop in Slonim near the church of St. Andrew the Apostle.

This route is built for one day. In such a short time you can see enough historical and cultural places. Moreover, the quality of roads allows.

Sights of Belarus in winter


Sights of Belarus in winter

With the onset of cold weather, the traveler's route also changes. We bring to your attention definitely specific places to visit.

Residence of Santa Claus. It is located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This is a fabulous place that is better to visit with children, getting to know the "real" Grandfather Frost will give them a lot of joy.

"Kasya" and "Basya" is a peculiar sight of Belarus. A pair of water towers towering 20 meters above the ground is in Grodno. This monument is 150 years old. In winter it is especially beautiful. To contemplate this beauty is free.

Farny Church - a beautiful structure rises in Nesvizh. Once belonged to the Jesuit order. Flaunts with unique frescoes, tombstones, marble altars.


Sights of Belarus in the winter by car

In winter, beautiful lakes, biosphere reserves, ethnic villages are not so relevant.

But there is still something to visit:

  • 1. House-museum of Chagall. Located in Vitebsk, where he lived and created a famous artist - the pride of all the people of Belarus. After visiting the art center, you can get acquainted with his work.
  • 2. Borisov is a stone. This extraordinary artifact is in Polotsk. In the cold season, it is especially severe, which makes tourists think about the severity of life. On the stone, a text is cut out and a cross is depicted.
  • 3. Dudutki - the union of museums of folk crafts and technologies. Located 40 km. from Minsk. Here you can find out about the way of life of old villagers. Order tours and just relax, try out the national dishes and drinks - all this can be realized here.


Sights of Belarus photo with description

Memorial "The Barrow of Glory" in Minsk. It was founded in 1969. It is a symbol of the terrible years of the Great Patriotic War, built thanks to thousands of people from all over the world who brought a handful of earth, meaning peace throughout the world.

Borisoglebsk church in Grodno. This is a centuries-old building that has not lost its grandeur, divine beauty and magnificent painting. This landmark place is considered to be unique, anywhere in the world there is no such church.

Gomel Fountains. Gomel is rightly called the city of fountains. Here in different places are these objects. They fascinate you with your sound and attract people's attention. In the heat, you can swim in them. You can see fountains that are brightly lit in the dark from May to October.