On the vast territory of Russia is an impressive amount of interest and natural beauty, to visit whom fellow goes not so much time and money. In the article below we have compiled Russia sights with photos and names. On some of them you may have heard, but others probably will seem interesting and worthy of a visit.

 Sights of the Golden Ring of Russia


Attractions Golden Ring of Russia

Golden Ring of Russia - a route which runs through the city's north-eastern part of the country that hold great historical heritage. Below we present you the sights of Russia runs through the famous route.

Moscow - the most famous, largest and most visited city of the Golden Ring. All the attractions of Russia, the disclosure of which would take more than one article, are concentrated in the capital.

Red Square - a place where every tourist comes, first came to Moscow. Its territory is the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum - it is enough for a cursory acquaintance with the capital.

In Red Square, the famous GUM is based, which contains all the most fashionable shops of the capital. GUM is attractive for its architecture and luxurious interiors.

The Tretyakov Gallery contains the most extensive collection of art works by Russian artists. Where works of art by drawing, painting, sculpture and applied arts. In addition to the Tretyakov Gallery, consisting of two buildings, in Moscow there are a whole lot of museums: Pushkin, Archaeological, Historical, Museum of Modern Art.

Sergiev Posad - closest to the Golden Ring of Moscow point. From the capital before it can be reached in just over an hour by express train.

Inspection of the town usually begin with the cellarer of the pond - the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. Then should delve into the old quarters of the city, in which are preserved wooden houses and a café with antique interiors. You can visit the Museum of Toys and become familiar with its carefully chosen collection.

15 km from Sergiev Posad is Abramtsevo. Next to it flows rivulet Warri. Once it was a gathering place for writers and artists. Close to the estate there is a park with paved paths for tourists.

Yaroslavl - another famous point of the Golden Ring of Russia. The old part of this small town protected by UNESCO, which indicates its value to the history of the country and the world.

Transfiguration Monastery - the main attraction of Yaroslavl. Tourists love to climb to the top floor of the building and look at the city from an unusual angle.

In Yaroslavl there are several entertaining museums. The institution of "Music and Time", you can see a lot of old clocks, and other artifacts. For children in Yaroslavl has named Einstein Museum, dedicated to science.

Rostov the Great - another important city of the Golden Ring, keeping the sights of Russia, photo which then adorn postcards and magnets.

The main building of the city is considered to be the Rostov Kremlin. It is a whole ensemble of separate buildings. The dominant feature is considered to Assumption Cathedral, which was founded in 1509. Temple is perfectly preserved.



Other attractions Russian cities

Sights Russia, the names of which you will see below, are located outside the Golden Ring. They are not as popular among Russians and tourists from other countries.

Hermitage - the main pride of St. Petersburg and one of the most important museums in the world. Today he is not only a museum complex, but also the research center of the country.

Initially, the Hermitage is a private possession of Catherine II, who was a true connoisseur of art. In 1852 it was decided to open a museum to visit. To do this, even built the New Hermitage, which began to enjoy great popularity since its inception.

The museum exposition is located in five buildings. All of them are situated in a picturesque location along the embankment of the Neva river. To view all the masterpieces of the Hermitage, will require more than one day. Before visiting the museum, it is desirable to make a plan of what you want to see here.

The Hermitage has gathered famous works by artists from Russia and abroad. In the museum you can get acquainted with the famous work of Kandinsky, da Vinci, Caravaggio, Rembrandt.

Peterhof - the city and part of the palace and park ensemble, which is not far from St. Petersburg. He is among the top most attractions Russia, visited by millions of tourists every year.

Peterhof was created on the orders of Peter I in 1714. The king wanted his residence to rest was not inferior to the French. Peterhof was built on a grand scale, and immediately delighted European society.

Peterhof is considered a symbol of Cascade, built in 1714. It is decorated with grottos, waterfalls, stairways and monuments in bronze, made by skilled craftsmen.

Grand Palace - the most delicious and outstanding building of Peterhof. The palace is designed in the typical time it was built, the style of Russian baroque. Once it was arranged main balls and masquerades country.

The Peterhof is concentrated even more than 10 major buildings and monuments. To get acquainted with the place, it is desirable to provide at least one day. Even better to come here with a guided tour and learn about the history of the place by an experienced guide.


Russia's natural attractions

Baikal is located in the Irkutsk region, it has honorary status of the deepest lake in the world. It is surrounded by a network of tourist walking routes, united under the name of Great Baikal Trail.

Baikal in the summer turns into the main place for swimming in the region. Although the lake completely freezes in winter, it does not stop the tourists who always find their fun. Guests Baikal ride on it on the dog teams, overcoming great distances on skates, swimming in the hot springs in the cold, go on a fishing trip.

Baikal served by several spas. Familiarity with the terrain in the majority of starts at Listvyanka - a small village, which opened the country's only museum dedicated to the famous lake. Usually I do not stay here.

Olkhon is considered the heart of Lake Baikal and the most famous island in the area. Olkhon is ideal for a relaxing holiday and unity with nature. On this island, a huge number of nests of steppe eagles - the sacred bird of the Buryat people.

Sandy Bay called Baikal Riviera. This is due to the high similarity of the local climate to the Mediterranean. Sandy Bay is considered to be the only place in Siberia, where winter is maintained zero temperature.

Manpupuner or Pillars of weathering - one of the main attractions of Russia and the Republic of Komi. Manpupuner is a geological complex composed of seven pillars, ranked almost at the edge of a precipice.

Poles have unusual shapes. Everyone sees in them something of their own: the human figure, an animal head or likeness of an inverted bottle. Once Mansi lived here thought the huge pillars of the sacred, but did not rise to them, as it was considered a grave sin.

Weathered poles can not be called popular natural monument. This is due to their remote location from inhabited places. In addition to Manpupuner can get only tourists in good physical shape. To visit the monument is necessary to obtain special passes. Route To this attractions can be mixed completely foot, road, and even water.

The Valley of Geysers - a miracle of nature, located on a distant Kamchatka. This is one of the largest geyser field in the world. In Eurasia, not unique to him. Next to the mountain valley of Geysers is the river, which adds to it even more picturesque.

The Valley of Geysers was discovered by accident workers Kronotsky Nature Reserve, who suddenly saw the geyser explodes. Since then we began to regularly come here excursion groups.

Tourists are fascinated how the valley is constantly transformed: geysers with mud fountains here appear and then disappear. Each geyser has its own unique shape and size.

According to the Valley of Geysers can not travel alone and without a caretaker, which is sure to take in every campaign weapon. It comes in handy when a tour group is approaching a bear or other dangerous animal, of which there are plenty.

 Valley of Geysers in the Kronotsky Reserve