Netherlands - a highly developed European country in which there are excellent opportunities for cultural and entertaining pastime. So you did not lose in preparation for their journey, suggest you read our article about the attractions of the Netherlands with a photo and description.



Amsterdam attractions in the Netherlands

Amsterdam - famed throughout the world capital of the Netherlands, which impresses with its diversity. It is a city of canals and bridges, for which it is often equated with Venice. Along with that Amsterdam is considered the cultural center of the country, which concentrates the main state museums. For vibrant nightlife capital of the Netherlands is called one of the most liberal in Europe.

Amsterdam has always been associated with tourists from the famous red light district. The largest and most recognizable of these is the quarter "De Wallen", located in the heart of the capital. At this point, there are more than 300 rooms rented by prostitutes. They offer their services or because of the windows or from behind the door, lit in red.

On the street red light district "De Wallen" works Museum of Erotica. For residents of conservative countries like Russia exhibits presented in it, may seem too outspoken. But many tourists out of the doors of the Museum more relaxed. Nearby is the Museum of hashish - legalized in the country agents. Smoking marijuana is created special coffeeshops, which are located at every step.

Amsterdam - a city in the Netherlands, whose attractions are not limited to questionable institutions. Treasury of the capital of the Dutch Rijksmuseum is considered - the most recognizable building here. Now it is a museum, which has a fine collection of works by famous Dutch artists. Some of the exhibition are devoted to crafts and applied arts. In Reyskmuzeume will not be bored even for children, for which there is exposure doll houses.

Channels - one of the most popular attractions in the Netherlands as a whole, not just the capital of this country. However, it is in Amsterdam are the most beautiful ones: the Singel and the Grachtengordel. Nice walk along the canals, considering the old houses, like fabulous. Even better would be to ride on the canal and explore the city with water.

Amsterdam is famous also for its tulips. If you want to see all the variety of grades, colors and sizes, we recommend that you go to the Keukenhof park, which is especially beautiful in the spring. The park has planted more than 4.5 million tulips and many other flowers such as orchids, roses, lilacs.

To get a real pleasure from visiting the Keukenhof park, worth to give it at least a day. That's enough to go through channels, alleys, lawns and enjoy the natural diversity of this place. In the park cafés and restaurants, so here you will not go hungry.

Even people who are far from art, enthusiastic about Van Gogh Museum, which assembled the largest collection of works by the famous Dutch artist. The exhibition features 200 paintings and 700 full letters of the artist.

In addition to the works of Van Gogh, the Museum, named in part, the masterpieces of contemporary stores, mainly Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. The collection also has a sculpture of the Netherlands and other European authors.

Please note that tickets to the Museum are sold only online. Their number for each session is always very limited, so you should think about booking in advance.


Attractions Utrecht in the Netherlands

Utrecht - the university city of the Netherlands, a popular resort and concurrently the main transport hub of the country. In honor of the latter it is even created Railway Museum, which is located in the old station building.

The museum is a huge exhibition hall. It is, as of this unusual collection of locomotives and small layouts stations. Children's museum complex includes a mini-train and a playground. Ideally, to visit this place is to provide 3-4 hours.

After inspecting the railway museum can head towards Plaza House, the path to which runs through the Old Town district. The area is easily recognized by aspiring up the tower the Duomo, the height of which is as much as 112 m. It is considered the highest in the country.

The tower you can climb and make impressive photo attractions of the Netherlands with a custom angle. To reach the top, you have to overcome a few hundred steps. Better to go here on a weekday, when the tower turns or not at all, or they are small. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Even if you have enough to enjoy the canals of Amsterdam, do not miss this amazing attraction in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. A walk along the canals or visit them on the water transport allows you to see the most beautiful places of the city: the small houses of local residents, ancient statues, scenic bridges. If desired, you can purchase the audio guide and learn more about the history and life of Utrecht.


Attractions Delft in the Netherlands

Delft - the historical center of the Netherlands and interesting place to visit. Only in its central part, there are over 600 monuments created in the 16th, 17th and even earlier centuries. This is a beautiful and picturesque city with narrow streets and red roofs.

Familiarity with Delft can start with the local Town Hall - one of the most attractive sights of the city. Its first building was built back in 1200. Town Hall steadfastly withstood a major fire, but the fire that broke out here in 1619 and destroyed it, leaving only the whole tower. City Hall had to stand again.

The new architectural project included a two-storey building, made in the Renaissance style. Tower decided to leave as a historical monument. On the recovery of the local attractions it took only two years - a very short time for such a large workload. At the moment, the Town Hall Tower is the oldest building in the city.

Now the Town Hall building held meeting of the Board, and regularly hosts weddings. Oddly enough, there is still fit and Museum of Torture. For his visit is necessary to apply in advance to the local tour desk. In itself the Town Hall can be reached only through guided tours during the summer months. Inside are occasionally held events that give a chance to explore the ancient decoration of the building.

Prinsenhof - another significant architectural and historic structure of the Dutch Delft. Originally it was a monastery, built in the 15th century. Once I lived in Prinsenhof Prince William of Orange, who was killed here. On the stairs of the old buildings still have the bullet holes, reminiscent of the happened tragedy many years ago.

Now Prinsenhof opened as a public museum with the elaborate exposition. Within its walls are kept by local artists of bygone centuries, porcelain and silverware, as well as paintings by contemporary authors. There is a separate ethnographic hall, which will be of interest to history buffs.



The Hague Attractions in The Netherlands

The Hague - a city of culture and art, which houses many of the key attractions of the Netherlands. In The Hague, you can find museums, theaters, atmospheric cafes and restaurants, visit festivals, listen to the music of street musicians and do a whole lot more pleasant things.

If you come to this one of the most famous cities in the Netherlands for attractions, begin their examination with the quarter de Resident. Initially, it was built with the aim to make amends for some of the errors in the design of the city center and return it to its former importance. Now, this quarter is filled with apartment buildings and offices.

Attraction of this part of the Hague, is considered one of the high-rise buildings, which can be easily recognized by the two gabled roofs. Locals call it "the Hague-feeding." Previously, on-site buildings were unaesthetic office building. Not to destroy it, it was decided to build around the new high-rise.

Near the modern city quarter is City Hall, finished in white. The nearby area Spau, where you will find an unusual fountain Water freely pours directly from the paving stones. Passers-by, who do not know about this feature strongly scared. Their reactions can be observed from the terrace, which is located on the side of Mayor.



Attractions Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Rotterdam - a modern port city, is best suited to explore the maritime history of the Netherlands. Due to the enormous concentration of night clubs in Rotterdam called the capital of the Dutch parties, where you can always have fun.

The main pride of Rotterdam considered Cube House - an unusual complex, built here in 1984. The most interesting thing is that the house of unusual shape are not museum exhibits and existing residential and administrative objects.

Security Cubic houses are not threatened: the first floors serve as a solid foundation for the second, third and fourth. Apartments here are worth big money, but the visit of the tourists attractions costs just 3 euros.

Blyaydorp zoo - a great place for families. In it you'll see exotic animals, which live in an environment as close as possible to the natural and perfectly itself felt. The park has Oceanarium, which is an impressive variety of marine life.

The main pride of the zoo is a place where the penguins live. Visitors are given a unique opportunity to walk on the moving pieces of ice, while the bottom of the sea birds swim.