Montenegro - compact and interesting country in the Adriatic. You can go round it in just a week, every day discovering something new. To plan a route, we invite you to follow our article on attractions in Montenegro with photos and descriptions.



Attractions Budva in Montenegro

If you do not know what of the attractions to see in Budva in Montenegro, feel free to go to the Old Town - the historic area of the resort. It focused a record number of eateries, cafes, souvenir shops, bars and nightclubs.

Old Town in Montenegro

In 1979 a strong earthquake struck Budva. As a result, the Old City was destroyed. He was quickly restored. As before, now this part of Budva, surrounded by walls, behind which there are 4 churches, a few pedestrian streets and many houses. The homes are locals and tourists.

Citadel - the main building of the old town, which appeared in the 15th century, but then has undergone several restorations. This complex of buildings is based on a reef, which offers a wonderful view.

The complex consists of the gate, the remains of the church of St. Mary, defensive walls and buildings, which used to be the barracks. On the wall of the Citadel flaunts an old bas-relief, turned into a symbol of the city. It depicts two fish.

In summer, the building of the Citadel is a regular speaker seat theater, recognized as one of the most popular in the Balkans. Events are held directly in the fresh air. In the season of festivals Citadel area becomes a place for reading verses from the Montenegrin poets.

In the fortress there is a small art gallery and museum in Budva. There you can learn about the historical attractions of Montenegro with photos, see the private collection of books and meet other entertaining exhibits.

The Citadel of the building is a restaurant with an outdoor terrace. With its veranda you can see the Adriatic Sea. If we go around the citadel, you can see the local lighthouse. To enjoy the full panorama of the city of Budva, it is better to go to the observation deck.

Church of St. John - the majestic cathedral, designed in an elegant Gothic style. Due to the high bell tower of this temple can be seen from anywhere in Budva. The church survived an impressive number of ancient books and a solid archive of historical records. This attraction of Montenegro has become one of her business cards.

After the Old Town tourists usually go to the embankment of Budva, where they admire the boats and yachts and go to sea travel. Although the width of the embankment is less than 2 meters, there is always a lot of people. In parallel, the waterfront is a Slavic boulevard with lots of cafes and several markets.

 Embankment of Budva


Attractions Tivat in Montenegro

Tivat - young resort, which appeared on the map of Montenegro with attractions like the recommended place to visit not long ago. The city is one of the two Montenegrin airports, but because many are beginning familiarity with the country it was with him.

Botanical Garden is considered to be the pride of the resort and Montenegro as a whole. Local sailors who went to overseas travel, brought with them exotic plants, eventually found their place here. No other park or garden, Montenegro can not boast of such an abundance of flowers and plants.

Botanical Garden in Tivat

In the warmer months Vrmac mountain slopes turn into a full-fledged tourist attraction in Montenegro. This is a great place for walking, exploring the local flora and physical activity. To lift up the mountain does not require special training. On top of the mountain is an observation deck and a church built over 8 centuries ago.

 mountains Vrmac



Attractions Kotor in Montenegro

Kotor - one of the oldest cities of Montenegro and the Adriatic. Its oldest part was included in the UNESCO list of high value.

Originally built for the defense against attacks from the sea. This explains the fact that it resembles a maze, where you can easily get lost.

The old town is well preserved palaces that look like a standard home. The only difference is the presence of arms and bas-reliefs. To be considerate, you can see the Prince's Palace, Drago Palace, Bucha and a number of interesting historical sites.


In one of the palaces are now the Maritime Museum opened with a modest but entertaining exposition. Not far away is the Museum of the cats, which sells unusual souvenirs. By the way, who even called the city of the cats, so they are a lot.

The second most important tourist attraction which, after the Old Town is the fortress of St. John, or as it is called, Giovanni. The building was erected during the reign of the Venetians, Austrians and strengthened him. High strength easy to see in good weather, but in the bad it merges with the surrounding landscape.

Fortress of St. John in Kotor

Fortress of St. John is located on a hill with a wonderful view of the bay, mountains and Kotor itself. You can climb up to the fortress on foot, making halts and enjoying the spectacular scenery.


Attractions Bar in Montenegro

Bar - not the hottest Montenegrin resort, partly due to the fact that interest in it is not so much. The most popular of all is existing Aqueduct - the old waterworks, located in the northern part of the town.

Aqueduct in the Bar

The aqueduct was built during the reign of the Ottomans, that is, in the 17th century. The structure consists of a thick pillars 17 that support the same number of arches. Aqueduct from afar can be confused with a mountain bridge.

Now Aqueduct is not used for its intended purpose and is only a historical landmark. Well-preserved aqueduct, which has undergone only one restoration after a major earthquake, gives Baru view of the ancient city.

Religious tourists are usually interested Iovanna Holy Temple - a large-scale construction of the Orthodox in the bar. The church is located almost at the shoreline, and therefore before it is easily accessible on foot.

the temple of St. John in Bar

On the territory of the temple carried out not only services, but also all sorts of spiritual and cultural activities. To do this, here even built compact amphitheater. It can be seen in the western part of the church.

Church of St. Iovanna currently being completed. Despite this, it continues to meet all comers in the former regime.


Natural attractions Montenegro

Historical, religious and cultural sites - not only one of the attractions that can be found in Montenegro. This country is famous for its rich nature in the first place, high mountain ranges.

Lovcen - mountain, the eponymous national park and the main natural pride of Montenegro. At the top of Lovcen is Njegos mausoleum, which makes it even more popular among the tourists. Lovcen is located in the southwestern part of the country, near the resort of Kotor.

mountain lovcen

To the top of the asphalt road. It is possible to overcome the distance of 1200 m up independently. Even if you are tired during the ascent and hungry, this can be easily corrected in any of the local restaurants.

Rising to Lovcen, you will encounter a variety of birds and plants. It is estimated that there are more than 1000 species of flora. From the observation deck, which is at the top, you will see Kotor Bay in all its glory.

Durmitor - a popular natural attraction among tourists who prefer active recreation. At this point you will see the primordial Montenegro, together with its untouched natural beauty and the local villagers.

Durmitor in Montenegro

Durmitor is located in the northern part of the country, near the town of Zabljak. Given the small size of Montenegro, you can get to it in just a few hours from anywhere in the country. At night you can stay in one of the hotels, of which there are plenty.

As Lovcen, the mountain Durmitor is part of the national park of the same name. On its territory there are a few large bodies of water, the most famous of which is the Black Lake. Not far from the lake there are caves, where you can go on an excursion.

On the way to the mountain Durmitor, about 20 km from the town of Zabljak, the famous Tara River Canyon - the deepest in Europe and the second largest in the world. Enough to stand at the edge of a cliff and look at the narrow river down to understand the greatness of this place.

Summer in the Durmitor are actively engaged in horse riding and cycling. Particularly active tourists go here to rafting on the rapid mountain rivers, hills to caves and climbing. Winter in Durmitor offers full ski resort.

The main peak of Durmitor is Bobotov Kuk peak - the highest in Montenegro. He became a popular attraction among tourists and activists who get here on their own. Other ways to reach the top does not exist. Cook Bobotova height is 2500 meters.

The rise of the Bobotov Kuk is available not only for professional athletes. To the top are several routes of different difficulty levels, you can choose the right or go hiking with a group and a guide. Note that the rise will take at least 4-5 hours, so it's best to hit the road in the morning.