Moldova is hardly popular in terms of tourism of the country, but in vain. She glorified for its wines, springs, cave monasteries and beautiful nature. In this article we will introduce you to the best sights of Moldova with photos and description, which may zamotiviruyut you enable this country to the list of mandatory visit.



Monastery Curchi

You may have seen the famous Monastery Curci in the photo Moldova attractions. Its building is located on a beautiful hillside, surrounded by woods. This makes the church a great place for walking and enjoying the local nature.

One part of the territory is occupied by the monastery itself Kurki and the adjoining farm buildings, the other is an artificially created pond. Pond adds to this place even more picturesque.

The interior of the temple is not much enthusiasm for one simple reason: it was not preserved, no original mural or painting. This is due to the fact that during the war Kurki monastery was struck by a strong fire.

Despite repeated restoration, this attraction is still in need of repair. The funds for the restoration of the Monastery Curci actively gather an enormous contribution to the process of making the UNESCO organization.


Chisinau Botanical Garden

Residents of the capital is considered botanical garden one of the main attractions of Chisinau and Moldova in general. They love to spend free time here, walking through the vast territory and picnics.

Botanical Garden is divided into sectors: arboretum, rose garden, flower production areas, etc. In the garden, collected a lot of tropical and subtropical plants, imported from foreign countries.

The impressive area of Chisinau Botanical Garden is reserved for hybridization zone. It carried out the experiments and breed new varieties that may be of interest to lovers of botany.

If you go to the territory of the attractions of Moldova in the spring, you can see how there are blooming magnolias and Japanese sakura - an impressive sight.

In Chisinau Botanical Garden is set many buildings, galleries and swimming pools, but very popular here uses a cascade of lakes. Reservoirs are at the bottom of the garden.

Botanical garden maintained by the authorities and local residents in the spotlessly clean and they are at a premium. You will notice it in his well-groomed.


National Museum of History

National Museum of History is one of the main attractions of Moldova, because it contains all the important monuments of the history of this country.

The museum was opened in 1987 in Chisinau the institution building. It was the country's first institution of this type, but because it immediately gained popularity among locals and tourists.

Now in the National Museum of History is located 10 sites, each dedicated to a specific topic: numismatics, archaeological finds, ancient tools and etc.

The museum has a unique in-kind exhibits. These include the tip once fought in chariots, military helmet Thracian soldier and a bronze candlestick.

 Tsypova Monastery

Monastery Tipova

Not all the sights of Moldova presentation prepared by us, are concentrated in the country's capital. For example, Tipova Monastery is located in a small authentic village in the district of Rezina Moldova.

Unusual rock temple is located in a beautiful location on the banks of the Dnieper. According to official figures, Tipova The monastery was founded in the 6th century. Later, the rock church expanded and divided into large rooms by placing them between the columns.

In the Soviet period Tipova monastery was closed, but already in 1974 it resumed operation. The authorities took the rock temple arm and began to carry out inside the church services.

To learn about the history and attractions of the village in which it is located, it makes sense to take a guided tour. In the course of it will tell you not only about the important dates in the history of the formation of the Monastery Tipova, but also tell the legend entertaining.

Not far from the rock temples are huge waterfalls - a real natural pride Rezina region. After the tour is to provide some time for a walk and explore the picturesque nature of this region.


Old Orhei

Old Orhei has the status of the archaeological park and the historic complex. This place is only 60 km from Chisinau, near the shore of the river Raut.

The territory of Old Orhei has two museums, the old rock church and several hotels, equipped with all amenities. There are also many buildings of great interest to architects and history lovers.

Old Orhei is surrounded by cliffs where the caves are carved. Some of them were formed over 2,000 years ago. About them go fabulous legends.

Archaeological Park Old Orhei is popular among climbers, taken a liking to a steep rock. On it they improve their skills. At the end of the season here are organized climbing competitions annually.

Old Orhei also attracts a huge number of fans of esotericism. They believe that this place has a great energy power and organize here the transcendental teachings.

 Old Orhei