Lithuania - the southernmost Baltic country, which offers a nice beach and sightseeing vacation at prices lower than in Europe, which attracts a considerable number of tourists. However, this state is famous not only for its beaches resort and spa. So you are convinced of this, we present to your attention an article about Lithuania's sights with photos and description.



Vilnius attractions Lithuania

Church - the main attractions of Lithuania and especially Vilnius. In total, the city has over a hundred temples, and the center of their more than thirty. For the concentration of cathedrals and other important objects of Vilnius even got into the UNESCO list. Now it is under the protection of the organization.

The main sanctuary is considered the capital Vilnius Cathedral, built in the 15th century. He suffered several fires and subsequent restorations them. Inside the cathedral is incredibly beautiful: its walls are covered with pictures of artful, tombstones are made with the luxury and former King of Lithuania are depicted in sculptures.

Of particular note is the fact that the walls of the Cathedral of Vilnius is a museum. It tells the story of this important religious buildings from its inception to the present day. can be found in the museum exhibition, that this church have long buried the country's most important figures.

Church of St. Anne dates back to the 14th century construction. It is considered one of the most beautiful objects in Vilnius. According to the legend spread by the locals, the Church of St. Anne so impressed Napoleon that he wanted to move it to France.

Previously on the site of the present church was a wooden church, which was then rebuilt. First, re-built hotel was just part of the fortification walls of the city. Now the Church of St. Anne is a record number of tombs. All of them are richly decorated, reflecting the nobility buried.

Vilnius University - one of the most prestigious educational institutions of Lithuania and the attractions of this country. It's not even the university, and the whole complex, which was built in 1597. It is considered the oldest institution of higher education in Eastern Europe. Over the years the Vilnius University is closed and reopened several times.

Buildings that are part of the Vilnius University complex, occupy almost a quarter. As befits attractions such values, it is located on the main street. The pride of the University of Vilnius is its library. Its collection contains more than 180,000 old and new books. Some of them have been released back to the 15th century.


Kaunas attractions Lithuania

Despite its extremely compact size, the main Town Hall Square in Kaunas, houses the most important attractions of Lithuania, the photo which is then placed on postcards and other tourist paraphernalia. Town Hall Square - the heart of the city of Kaunas.

The first and most important monument of ancient architecture in the main square of the city is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. He is an honorary status as the only country of the cathedral constructed in the Gothic style atypical for Lithuania.

Being near the Cathedral, be sure to take a look inside. There you will find luxurious decoration of the temple and its main decoration - murals, executed in the Baroque style. Hall adds an impressive body size. The main pride of Peter and Paul cathedral is an icon of Our Lady of Suffering, which is credited with miraculous properties.

The main square of the city can no longer be imagined without the Kaunas City Hall, which is called the local liking White Swan. This is due to the color of its decoration and the apparent aspiration to the sky.

Since Kaunas Town Hall was built over several centuries, it reflects on all existing trends at the time of styles. The buildings architecture is intertwined Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism.

The Town Hall has a rich history, first in its walls held town meetings, then the building was converted into a court, after here is the office and even staged a prison.

Now the Kaunas City Hall held official events of urban values. In its basement is located the Museum of Ceramics. There is also a local registry office, and on the square near the Town Hall hosts concerts and events.

Nida in Lithuania 

Nida Attractions in Lithuania

Nida is the status of the resort village, so its main attraction is the port, the construction of which came from the 19th century. As before, it is now used by the courts, with both passenger and fishing.

The minute walk from the port there is a restaurant of this coastal area of Nida. In it, as in any institution here, serves fish specialties. Sitting in a cafe or restaurant, you can enjoy swimming by the courts.

Near the port focused major cultural monuments of the city. These include the Ethnographic Museum, the Amber Museum and the house of Thomas Mann. For an introduction to Lithuanian culture ideal first museum.

Nida focused main natural attractions of Lithuania - the famous sand dunes that have been recognized as one of the highest in Europe. The most popular is Parnidis dune, which rises to 52 meters above sea level.

At the top of the dunes there is an observation deck, which is especially nice to watch sunrises and sunsets. From the observation deck offers a wonderful view of the Nida and the surrounding area, especially the old lighthouse and the Curonian Lagoon.

Next to the towering dune Sundial. They are a stone pillar carved with divisions of levels. The clock indicates the exact time and are another attraction of the city.


Attractions Birštonas in Lithuania

Birštonas - Lithuania resort with excellent leisure facilities. Local tourist destinations offer travelers horseback riding, kayaking and even ballooning. In winter, the ski resort offers Birštonas.

Nemunas Loops Regional Park - the main and perhaps the only attraction of Birštonas. Its area reaches 25,000 hectares. Almost the entire territory of the Regional Park is covered by forests. On them laid hiking trails and bike paths.

To begin his acquaintance with the best park to the Visitor Center, which has a rich historical exposition. It will tell you about the features and values of the Regional Park. Here you can see the best routes in the protected places.

One of the jewels of Nemunas Loops Regional Park and the sights of Lithuania are the local islands. Every year they come more birders - bird lovers. On the islands you can watch to monitor the different types of birds, which abound in the area.

On the territory of the Regional Park is one of the most popular resorts in the country - spa resort Birštonas. It is known for its mineral waters, which have healing properties.


Klaipeda attractions Lithuania

Klaipeda definitely ranks among Lithuanian cities with sights worthy of visiting. That there is a Klaipeda Castle, which is considered the first and only building in the country, erected by the Teutonic Knights.

Although archeological excavations on the territory of the Klaipeda Castle began in 1968, they carried out so far. The same goes for the restoration of the castle, a little lost their aesthetics.

Now the museum is located inside the Klaipeda Castle. The main part of his exposition of household utensils and weapons of the ancestors of modern Lithuanians. Old cannon, for brewing equipment, rings with precious stones - all this and more can be seen in the rich museum exposition.

Each year, the Klaipeda Castle turns into a venue for the jazz festival. If you are in Klaipeda in June, be sure to visit this major event.