By the size of the state of Liechtenstein is inferior to some European capitals. Despite this, the country is fraught with a lot of interesting historical and cultural terms. We offer you our article about the attractions of Liechtenstein with a photo and description that will help you choose the right route for travel.

 Улица Штэдле


Street Shtedle

Among the attractions of Vaduz in Liechtenstein for this ideal street Shtedle. It is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by many of its attractions.

It is the famous English house. Once he had an office, then he became a magazine, and now converted into a museum. In the English house has a rich collection of art, which met the prince's family for many years.

Considerable interest among visitors to the city is Postal Museum. In his exhibition presents everything the brand has ever used in Liechtenstein. In addition to the brands you can see the machines, old photos and never released out vintage items.

To learn the history of Liechtenstein, you can go to the National Museum - the pride of the capital. It is stored weapons, furniture, decorations, costumes and other historical artifacts. The special charm of this place adds that it spent time Goethe himself.

Mansion Town Meeting can be a worthy addition to your collection of photos of Liechtenstein attractions. This building is decorated with magnificent bas-relief sculptures and supplemented. Inside the entrance is closed to tourists.

If sightseeing of historical places you get tired, you can have a snack or enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafes and restaurants in the streets Shtedle. At every step, there is a gift shop and cozy shops.

Another interesting feature of this street is that it is focused on an impressive number of sculptures. Almost all of them were made by a little-known contemporaries.


Three Sisters Mountain and Shang

In addition to cultural attractions in Liechtenstein there are also notable natural beauty. One of them is the Three Sisters Mountain, located in the territory of the Alpine Rhine Valley, on the border with Austria.

The peculiarity of the mountain lies in the fact that it has as many as three peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level. At the foot of the mountain begins long staircase consisting of 800 steps.

Three Sisters Mountain - an ideal place for walking recovery. Routes generated here are focused on tourists with different levels of training. Mount suitable even for professional climbers who want to hone your climbing skills.

At the foot of the mountain is based Shang small town, which is also of interest to tourists. If the lift you have the strength, we highly recommend it to examine.

Above the church rises Xanom Maria zum Trost. According to official sources, it was built here in the 18th century. It offers a wonderful view of the city and the surrounding highlands.

Church of St. Peter in Shan was recognized as the oldest existing religious site in all of Europe. The temple was founded in the 5th century. Although the church has gone through several restorations, they did not touch its walls and foundation.

Not so long ago in the church of St. Peter found frescoes dating from the 16th century. At the altar painting, belonging to the 17th century was found with them.

If you are lucky and you hit the Shan in the summer, do not miss the chance to feel the Liechtenstein festival, which takes place in this town. During the celebration in the streets booming music, organize competitions, concerts are given and served great food.

Gutenberg Castle


Gutenberg Castle

Gutenberg Castle - one of the most recognized and visited tourist attractions of the principality of Liechtenstein. The castle towers over the village of Balzers in the southern part of the country. This magnificent structure was built during the time of the Middle Ages. 70-meter cliff was chosen for its construction.

Near the castle Gutenberg made important discoveries for the country. Artifacts discovered here during the excavations, now adorn the Liechtenstein national museums. According to the examinations, some of them belong to the ancient Rössen culture and have great historical value.

Gutenberg Castle is owned by the state, at the moment it is closed to the public. But tourists can explore the adjoining chapel and walk through the rose garden, which is located in the well-kept garden.

With the arrival of summer Gutenberg Castle becomes a venue for cultural events. Basically, there is live music concerts and theater performances organized.

Gutenberg Castle is worth a visit even for landscapes that open to the surrounding area. With a height of one can see the meadows, mountains and other natural beauty of Liechtenstein.


The village of Triesenberg

Do not be fooled by the fact that the village of Triesenberg is not present in the photo sites and Liechtenstein seem uninteresting at first glance. If you plan to travel during the period from mid-October to the second half of November, safely include it in your itinerary.

In the autumn of Triesenberg village turns into a place of culinary festival Trizenberger Vohen. During the festival all the local restaurants and hotels complement its menu of traditional dishes of the village, the recipes which were passed down from generation to generation. You will not be able to taste them in any other city in Liechtenstein.

The village itself is situated in the middle of the picturesque Alpine valleys, on which you can just walk and enjoy the local beauty. Straight from the chalet and the hotel offers a magnificent view of the mountains - a paradise for connoisseurs of pristine nature. By the way, hotels in Triesenberg best to book in advance, because their number is very limited.

 Village Triesenberg