Latvia - a European country on the Baltic Sea. With the advent of summer, its western part is becoming a popular holiday destination among foreigners, including among Russians. Many tourists do not even know what sights and places of interest in Latvia they miss spending time only on the coast. Our article will help you prepare for your trip to the country and spend time in it with pleasure.



Attractions Riga in Latvia

To get acquainted with Riga, simply visit its Old Town - a place that is home to all the major architectural and historical sites of the capital. Old town is small, its bypassing it will take no more than a couple of hours. If you take photos attractions Latvia, the time for a visit will take longer.

The Dome Cathedral - the main decoration of the Latvian capital. When completed in 1211 it became the main church in the whole of Livonia. The architecture of the temple has elements of Romanesque and Gothic style, as well as the characteristics of the Baroque.

Service regularly carried out inside the cathedral. The main feature of worship is that they are accompanied by loud playing the old organ and wind instruments.

Duomo includes the Cross Gallery and the Dome Monastery. Inside the latter it is one of the oldest museums in Riga, dedicated to its history and seafaring. The museum has collected more than 400,000 exhibits.

Riga Castle - one of the key attractions of Latvia, because it is the residence of the President. The castle was built in 1330 and over the years the owners changed the whole lot. He repeatedly rebuilt. Inside the Riga Castle state museums are now.

The structure is made in the classical style and has a simple architecture. Riga Castle is located directly at the banks of the Daugava, so consider it best with water. It's enough to go to any of the many tours offered to tourists.

House with black cats - the legendary Riga building, located in the Old Town. On the roof of this structure "walk" two cats standing symmetrically with respect to each other. The facade is also made symmetrical - this was the idea of architect. In the center of the eagle emblazoned, which looks at the sun. It represents freedom.

Church of St. Peter is known for that is the highest in Latvia. Its spire reaches 122 meters in height. Religious building got its name in honor of the patron saint of the capital - St. Peter.

The temple was reconstructed several times. First, one of its towers fell because of the wind, then the building burned down several times. Restorers managed to restore the architecture and decoration of the church, but the tower, standing beside her, had to be completely redone.

Lutheran Church is, it holds regular worship services and organizes exhibitions. All visitors can climb to the observation deck and enjoy plenty of panoramas of Riga.



Attractions Sigulda in Latvia

Sigulda - Latvia's central city, located just an hour's drive from Riga. If you want to explore all the main sights of Latvia for three days, feel free to go on a trip to Sigulda.

This city is famous for its legendary Latvia Sigulda Castle. This structure was built in the Middle Ages and has undergone several restorations. Up to now, only one survived of the buildings of the castle, made in strict and laconic Gothic style.

Tourists who cross the territory of the attractions of Latvia, see stone walls Sigulda Castle. Almost all of the rise in its tower, which offers a great view of the valley of the Gauja.

At the top of the tower houses a collection of medieval weapons and armor. Tourists can not only carefully examine it, but also to try on armor and do unusual images.

Most unusual in Sigulda Castle is that it permanently reside young Latvians. castle residents, like their ancestors, cook over a campfire, take time crafts and compete in fights with swords. All these entertainments are available for visitors to Sigulda Castle.

To diversify your stay in Sigulda and get away from the historical monuments worth visiting Gutmana cave, which was recognized as the largest in Latvia. cave depth is 18.8 m, width - 12 m.

On the walls of the cave inscriptions adorn Gutmana made the first local visitors as early as the 19th century. Now leave anything on the walls of this natural site is strictly prohibited.

Gutmana best to visit the cave as part of the tour. The guide will tell a lot about the cave, for example, that before it was completely filled with water. You can do otherwise: go to the Visitors Center of the cave, get all the information and then go for self-examination.



Attractions Cesis in Latvia

Cesis - the city with more than 800 years of history, reflected in its many attractions. The most significant of them is considered to be cēsis castle - one of the first fortifications appeared in Latvia in the Middle Ages.

Initially cēsis castle served as a military base. Round-shaped towers were artillery towers. Knights staunchly defended the walls of the castle from the enemies who tried to take possession of Cesis.

Now cēsis castle that has survived many sieges and bombardments, partially restored. Its western part, where previously lived masters, looks the best. Vendenskogo inside the castle is now a museum that tells about the long history of this place.

Each tourist who wants to explore the structure of the inside, provide a flashlight and a medieval helmet. He not only gives color, but also protects from knocks on the ceiling in the narrow corridors and dark staircases. If desired, you can go down to the basement - the most sinister part Vendenskogo castle, where the prison was located before.

After carefully exploring the main attraction of Cesis can escape and visit the Palace and Castle Park. This is a favorite vacation spot among residents and tourists.

Castle Park is made in the style of romanticism. It occupies a rather big area of 6.8 hectares. The park is divided into two parts: one is the basic infrastructure, in other there is a small pond.

Castle Park is equipped with all comforts and decorated with sculptures. On its territory there are two stage, which are held city competition of singing and dancing and other public events too.



Attractions Rezekne in Latvia

Attractions on the map Latvia sure to include historical and cultural monuments of small Rezekne. The city is located in the east of the country, far enough from the city, and therefore do not always hit the hiking trails in Latvia.

It is best to start with the examination of Rezekne Latgale cultural-historical museum, the exhibition which will give you an understanding of the city, its traditions and history. In Latgale museum houses the country's largest collection of ceramic products.

Audio guide tells visitors about the origins of pottery and its formation in Rezekne, existing in the craft directions and styles. After visiting the Museum of Latgale some tourists are interested so that go to local pottery, where watching the process of making dishes and other items.

Rezekne neighborhood deserve special attention, because the nature of this region is very diverse. Lubans on the lake, for example, can be fishing, and even engaged in underwater hunting. To obtain permission for such activities, enough to live in one of the guest houses on the lake.

Lubans attracts a considerable number of bird watchers and connoisseurs of wildlife. It is estimated that on this lake is home to about 225 species of birds. Here the usual huge number of swans, which can be seen in the fall and spring.

Active guests can head to the swamp Teyrumnieki around which passes a pedestrian route. In summer especially daring tourists even swimming in a swamp. It is important to understand what to do it without a guide or other support is very risky.