Ireland - an island nation in Europe, which is famous for its rich vegetation, ancient castles and good beer. Despite the historical and cultural diversity of this country is seldom visited by tourists from the CIS. It is possible that our article on Ireland's attractions with photos and description, will inspire you to get acquainted with this country.

 Dublin Castle


Dublin castle

Dublin Castle - the first thing that comes to mind is local, when asked about the sights of Dublin in Ireland.

Dublin Castle was built from 1204 1230. Then it was a whole castle, from which only the tower remains today. In 1907, the stolen jewels, which have not been found from Dublin Castle.

Originally the castle was built as a defensive structure. Later it became the seat of the royal family residence. Then the castle housed the military garrison. A few decades later, the court is located in this building.

Now Dublin Castle accept foreign delegations, arrange celebrations and conduct presidential inauguration. This seemingly unremarkable building is of great importance for the country.

Each year the Dublin Castle is the venue for a music festival. On it are the best Irish artists of our time. If you're in Dublin in the first half of May, try to get to this festival.

Entrance to Dublin Castle is only possible as part of a tour group. Some days, when carried out in official receptions, the castle is closed to the public.

During the excursion tourists show luxurious interior of the castle, which preserved elements of past centuries. The guide also examines the main state rooms.

The green area of Dublin Castle you can walk freely. Beside him stretched manicured lawn - a popular vacation spot among tourists and locals.


Temple Bar

Neither the presentation of Ireland's attractions are not complete without the Temple Bar - Dublin's popular old district. As the name implies, it is famous for its pubs.

The main stream of locals and tourists arriving at the Temple Bar after hours, when the town's shops closed. Up in the morning in the local bars were drinking alcohol, eating fish, chatting and having fun.

The Irish love beer, especially the dark variety of the drink. Home to Guinness, for example, is Ireland. At Temple Bar Guinness served in various forms, sometimes mixed with liquor.

In the area of Temple Bar focused small museums, galleries, contemporary artists, thematic shops. Unusual number of cafes, restaurants and hotels also rolls over.

The area is famous for the fact that it is The Clarence Hotel, owned by U2 group. On the ground floor there is a bar, which serves more than 600 varieties of beer from different countries.

At Temple Bar's famous Cultural Center Project Arts Centre arts. It not only put the picture, but also satisfied with dance, theater and musical performances. After it you can go to the nearby Center of Cinema.

Temple Bar is transformed into the St. Patrick's Day, which is celebrated in Ireland on 17 March. In celebration of Irish culture in the area organize street parades with lots of beer and other drinks entertainment.


Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park - one of the main attractions of Ireland. This buffer zone is located in the south-west of the country, near the town of Killarney.

The National Park includes mountains, plains, forests, lakes, waterfalls, and wastelands. State carefully guards the unique ecosystem of the reserve.

Among the natural attractions of Ireland, photos of which often bring tourists, it may be noted Torc Waterfall been here. Its height is an impressive 18 m.

In the National Park to visit the Lakes of Killarney, is world-famous thanks to its residents. In the waters in large quantities caught trout and salmon.

Killarney National Park is famous not only for its natural scenery, but also important for Ireland sights of cultural and historical plan.

While in this region, it is necessary to go to the estate of Muckross House - a beautiful piece of architecture of the 19th century. It is clean and well maintained building is made in the Victorian style can be traced well.

Tourists visiting the tastefully furnished interiors of the manor, admiring expensive interiors and even come to the room, which was once Queen Victoria stayed temporarily.

Garden - the main pride of Muckross House, which many think is even more interesting than the manor itself. The garden has become a haven for rare species of flora and fauna, which are protected.

Especially for tourists on the estate Arboretum was established, which became Ireland's attraction. Plants that can be seen in it, have been specially brought here from the southern hemisphere.

If the estate of Muckross House, you'll be pleased, after it will be possible to visit Ross Castle - even more ancient architectural structure built in Ireland in the 15th century.

Ross Castle can be easily recognized by the massive tower, installed in the center. Visitors allowed inside, where they can get acquainted with the way of life that has plagued once here. Of particular interest is the Banquet Hall.

Surrounding Ross Castle nature also deserves attention. Nearby is a nice beach with boats for rent. On the beach there is a separate place for a picnic.

If you have time, take a look at myself in Killarney - a cozy little town with a population of only 15,000 people. In it you will feel the atmosphere of ancient times and see the life of the indigenous population of the hinterland.

Cliffs of Moher 


Cliffs of Moher

Attractions Republic of Ireland, located in the western part of the country, occupy a special place Cliffs of Moher. The area in which they are located, has been taken under protection in 1989.

Two-meter high cliffs are located directly off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. They are covered with a thick layer of grass, characteristic of the local landscape. The total length of the cliffs is 8 km away.

Cliffs of Moher are famous not only great views, which open with their sharp edges. Right on their home to more than 30,000 birds. Most often you can see gulls, loons, hawks and Atlantic puffins.

The area where the cliffs of Moher, is famous for its tower, built in 1835. It belonged to a descendant of the Irish king, who wanted to impress the new structure of local women. The man chosen for the construction of the highest point of one of the cliffs.

From the tower, which is available to visit, really stunning views of the ocean. If the weather is good, the windows of high buildings one can see the Aran Islands and Galway Bay.


St. Patrick's Cathedral

Sightseeing Northern Ireland is complete without a visit to places of worship. If you want to learn about the country's religion, feel free to go to the Cathedral of St. Patrick's, located in Dublin.

The temple, built in 1192, perfectly survived. He was recognized as one of the best preserved buildings of those years in Europe.

In 1192 the Cathedral of St. Patrick Collegiate Church acknowledged Dublin. This happened thanks to Bishop John Comyn. After that, around the temple began to build other religious objects. As before, the Council is now home of the Archbishop.

The cathedral was built in strict Gothic style. In its architecture are characteristic for the time of construction of Gothic arches. Inside, as expected, it is the body. In the Victorian era it was decided to decorate the interior of the temple carved paneling and floor tiles.

Every year, St. Patrick's Cathedral becomes a venue for Day pardons and other important festivals of the country. Many of these visits by the President of Ireland. For him inside the temple has a separate bank.


English market

Lists Ireland attractions in English with translation almost always include English Market. This is due to the fact that in 2011 the Irish market itself honored visit Queen Elizabeth II.

English Market, which is located in the provincial town of Cork, is considered one of the largest in Europe. Naturally, he became, and the main attraction of the town.

The market was laid in 1786, but the opening of the first pavilion took several years. Initially, only the meat sold in the market.

the market has grown in popularity, and it decided to gradually increase the range. From the 19th century it started to sell different kinds of food products.

Even then, the English Market has become the most prestigious in the area. This is evident in the range of breadth, quality and, of course, the cost of products.

In 1862 there was built a grand entrance and a slightly improved arrangement of marketplaces itself. Since then, the English Market, made in the traditional Victorian style, almost unchanged.

Now Cork market bought the leading restaurants of the city, locals and tourists. In order not to get lost in the abundance of products, note the following symbols: black pudding and "oil balls". This traditional Irish foods that are worth a try.