Greece - one of the most historically rich countries in Europe. This is due to the fact that there remained a huge legacy of ancient Greece, which once was the most powerful state in the west. We offer you an article about the best sights of Greece with a photo and description. Having been in the places listed below, you will be able to understand and love this sunny Mediterranean country.




The first place among the attractions of ancient Greece occupies situated on a hill Acropolis. Once it was the main residence of the Athenian king, but later received a much wider application.

The first buildings of the Acropolis were temples that were built here in the Archaic period. After construction began a massive hill. Over time, the Acropolis was the whole city.

Numerous sculptures found on the territory of the Acropolis, were transferred to the European museums. In the Acropolis were replaced by skillfully recreated copies, looks no different from the originals.

Currently Acropolis is likely ruin than the remaining buildings. Restorers are actively working on the restoration of one of the major attractions of Athens in Greece.



In the center of Athens is one of the main attractions of Greece, it is widely known as the Panathinaikos. This ancient structure is a huge stadium, made of white marble.

Once Panathinaikos served as venue for the Panathenaic Games - the most important event in Athens. After the reconstruction of the territory of the ancient building held the first recorded in the history of the Olympic Games.

Today Panathinaikos is considered not just a platform, which hosts sporting events. Here are organized musical shows, museum exhibitions, concert programs. During such events, guests Panathinaikos will learn a lot about the history of this ancient structure.


Knossos palace

Many tourists mistakenly believe that Crete attractions in Greece are limited to the azure sea and white sand beaches. Palace of Knossos - the most striking example of the fallacy of such thinking.

Knossos was discovered relatively recently, in the first half of the 20th century. It had partially restored, but restoration work is still ongoing.

Scientists claim that the palace of Knossos was the most important object of the Minoan civilization. She, in turn, is the most highly developed country in the world in the period of its domination.

In Knossos palace, which occupied a vast territory, it was more than 1,300 rooms. Palace can simultaneously accommodate up to 12,000 people.

Knossos has experienced many natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, fire. That's why he came to us in such a deplorable condition.

In the center of the palace of Knossos was a huge courtyard, around which the randomly arranged living rooms, passages, galleries, etc. Many rooms hung with beautiful frescoes fine tuned fine detail.

In this case, no frills in the palace of Knossos was not, for its interiors has been characterized by rather strict and laconic. A wide staircase rushed to the chambers of the king, and the column directs the airflow optimum temperature.

In the western part of the castle were carried out all sorts of activities, as evidenced by the huge porphyry cup at the entrance and stone wells. Scientists believe that the wells used in the rituals.

Knossos Palace is great for viewing and walks on its territory. It causes a great excitement among connoisseurs of history.


Dir caves

Greece attractions tourist map are not limited to historical monuments. To diversify the excursion program, you can go to an underground cave Deere and enjoy its beauty.

Dir cave system is located 25 km from the town of Areopoli. Inside the cave complex is a huge lake. Walking route is about 700 m, even 1200 m are overcome by water.

The route runs through the narrow caves, then across the spacious underground halls. Along the way, tourists ever come across stalactites and stalagmites. Their origin explains the guide.

Dir Caves noteworthy its clear water. In some places, you can see the bottom at a depth as it becomes completely dark.

Caves system is interesting because parking ancient man was found in it. People who lived during the Paleolithic and Neolithic, staged in caves Deere temples and considered them to be the gateway to the underworld.

The museum in the territory Deere caves planned but not yet established. To learn more about this unique natural attractions more you can visit the information center at the entrance.

 Palace of the Great Masters in Rhodes


Palace of the Grand Masters

Palace of the Grand Masters is one of the legendary sights of Rhodes in Greece. For its historical significance, he was even honored with a place on the UNESCO list.

Originally owned by the Palace of the Hospitallers, who settled on Rhodes in 1309. Rule lasted for more than 2 centuries, during which they managed to grab almost the entire Mediterranean.

Hospitallers palace was used as the main venue for the negotiations and the adoption of crucial decisions. There are regular meetings were held, which were attended by 19 masters.

Hospitallers not withstand the onslaught of the Ottomans and left Rhodes. New rulers have turned the Palace into a warehouse, and then organized a prison on its territory.

Only in the 20th year, when over Rhodes began to dominate the Italians, the Palace of the Grand Masters began to restore. It would turn into a government residence, but the plan failed.

Now in the Palace of the Grand Masters, organized two exhibitions. The first tells visitors about the hard life of the Crusaders. The second is devoted to the life of the indigenous population in the period of antiquity.

Under the exposure given to as many as 250 rooms. To view them all, you will need at least half a day. For a glimpse of the most important exhibits is enough half an hour.


Fortress Angelokastro

Angelokastro fortress - one of the most famous attractions of Corfu in Greece. In some sources it is called Castle angel.

Castle is on a hill, represents the construction of fortification. It was erected in the 13th century in order to protect from enemies and to strengthen the military power of the state. Guardians of the clock guarded fortress.

Over the next few centuries Fortress Angelokastro was of paramount importance for the life of the country. Its territory has focused almost all trade, and on the hill at the fortress can fit up to 4000 people.

For many centuries the fortress and then subjected to serious attacks. First it tried to conquer the pirates, then the walls were approaching Turks. At the same time in the history of Angelokastro castle was never conquered.

It is known that next to the fortress were residential buildings and religious sites. Unfortunately, they have not survived to our time. The fortress itself dilapidated, but tourists still in its start up.


The city walls

Those who believe that in the port city of Thessaloniki in Greece attractions not mistaken. That there are at least fortress walls, which, as the name implies, protect the city from enemies.

The walls were built by Theodosius in the 4th century. The ruler ordered to enclose the city almost immediately after its foundation. The walls of Thessaloniki has repeatedly rescued from the invasions Normans, Arabs, Bulgarians, Ottomans.

Because of the numerous sieges fortress walls could not stand and collapsed several times. The remaining stones were used for the paving of the local waterfront. In this case, after some time the wall each time rebuilt.

If we consider the details of one of the most important architectural sights in Greece on the photo, it is impossible to guess that the last restoration was carried out with the use of modern technologies.

Now the perimeter of the fortress walls of Thessaloniki up to 8 km. Taking a walk along them, you can explore the other attractions of the city like the White Tower. To enjoy the view of the fortress walls from the top, we just need to get to the district of Castres.