Czech Republic

Czech Republic - a small country situated in Central Europe. Despite the very limited size, there are a huge number of interesting places to visit and a lot of fun, even for seasoned travelers. From this article you will learn about the key attractions of the Czech Republic with photos and names.



Attractions of the Czech Republic with photos and names in Prague

Prague attractions in the Czech Republic in the first place include the Prague castle - the symbol of the local capital. Today it is recognized as the biggest existing castle ensemble in the world and is protected by UNESCO. Castle surrounded by a wall and consists of three large courtyards surrounded by buildings of all kinds.

Prague Castle in Prague

In the city of the most ancient palaces, temples and other buildings. It is noteworthy that they are in a completely different style that reflects the rich architectural heritage of the country.

St. Vitus Cathedral, which was built from 1344 to 1929, is considered to be dominated by the fortress. There were married and buried Czech monarchs, famous clergymen, and other prominent personalities.

Belfry - the highest point of the Prague Castle. If you climb on it, you'll get a wonderful view of the Prague streets and other attractions of the capital.

Golden Lane - a symbol of the Prague Castle. Arranged around the perimeter of two-storey houses. Rumor has it that once these houses was inhabited by alchemists. Now they sell souvenirs.

St. George's Basilica - the oldest building in the Prague Castle, has pledged in the year 992. Over the years the temple was rebuilt and restored several times. Today, its facade is Baroque, although the basil in the spirit of purism.

On the hillside just below the Prague Castle you can see the lush gardens, which once belonged to the royal family. If you walk a little further, seems summer residence of the rulers. It is made in the Renaissance style.

Old Town - one more place in Prague, Obligatory to visit. The greatest interest for tourists here are houses that can be seen for hours. 'Gingerbread' houses, Gothic buildings, high-rise streets with cellars and basements - all this can be seen in the Old Town. Intention based known Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Clementinum.

 Old Town in Prague


Attractions Brno in the Czech Republic

Peter and Paul Cathedral is considered to be the main attraction in the Czech Republic in Brno. The building made in the Romanesque style, is located on a hill and can see from afar. In the 17th century there was a major fire, which is why the church was severely damaged.

Peter and Paul Cathedral in Brno

Cathedral that we see today in Brno, presented in a reconstructed form. It is equipped with two towers in a height of 84 meters each. The temple is operating, it conducted the service and received the congregation.

Peter and Paul Cathedral can be seen not only on the numerous attractions of the Czech Republic photo. His image is imprinted with a 10-kroon coins. It is believed that the owners of the coin with the image of the religious buildings become more successful.

A couple of centuries ago, the area of Vegetable Market in Brno was filled with stalls, which sell meat and poultry. Trading is carried out so far, but not in such large quantities as before.

Brno Vegetable Market

On the square adorned fountain Parnas, who like to spend the Czechs themselves. At its center is a majestic pedestal, depicting the goddess Europe. Along the edges there are three sculptures that represent the three powers: Greece, Persia and Babylon.

 Kutna Hora


Attractions Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic

Kutna Hora - a treasure trove of the Czech Republic, located near Prague. Optionally, you can easily combine a visit to the two cities.

The main and most unusual attraction is the town ossuary - a chapel, the interior of which was completely made of human bones.

Kostnice in Kutna Hora

Chandelier that adorns the center of the chapel, made of skulls and the blade, and to carry out the vases used bones. Here you can see the whole pyramid, made from the remains of more than 50,000 people.

In particular ossuary reigns an oppressive atmosphere, which attracts a huge number of tourists. If you are impressionable, it is better to choose a more traditional places for inspection.

Another key attraction of the town of Kutna Hora is the Cathedral of St. Barbara. This religious building was awarded a place on the UNESCO list.

Gothic beauty of the cathedral is striking. Inside it there are sculptures of gargoyles, demons and other mythical creatures. The interior of the cathedral is dominated by decorative elements such as murals.


Attractions Krumlov in the Czech Republic

City Krumlov remote from Prague 200 km, is famous for its castles. Český Krumlov Castle, founded in the 14th century, is a true work of architectural art of his time.

Krumlov Castle

Český Krumlov Castle is composed from several buildings, surrounded by a splendid park. This place attracts visitors viewing platform on one of the towers, from which one can see the entire castle complex.

On the territory of Krumlov castle is a unique theater, which rotates in a circle. No less interesting for tourists is Mantle bridge, consisting of three floors filled with all kinds of arches and sculptures.

Tourists who have visited Český Krumlov Castle, it is advised to come here in the winter: they believe that at this time of year, there reigns an unforgettable atmosphere.


Attractions Ostrava in the Czech Republic

Arriving in the Czech Ostrava, the first thing is to go to the main square of Masaryk. According to the configuration, it resembles L. Latin letters on the square erected several statues and columns. Mariana column, for example, there has been put a token redemption of Ostrava plague.

Mariana Column in Ostrava

After strolling around the area, you can go to Stodolni street, which is also located in the city center. Almost every house is open for a restaurant cafe, bar or nightclub.

To stand out from the competition, some of the owners of establishments have decided to be original. For example, someone opened the pub "Sherlock Holmes" with a variety of beers. On the same street is open disco club "Black spider" - a famous place for intellectuals and creative professionals.


Attractions in Olomouc in the Czech Republic

Olomouc is known for monumental fortress Gelfshtyn, which turned into a full-fledged museum. This castle was reconstructed several times, then deliberately destroyed and restored again.

Gelfshtyn fortress

Now the castle complex includes the main palace, a couple of observation towers and many buildings of economic purpose. Fortress Gelfshtyn with all the surrounding buildings it is enclosed by high walls, equipped with gates.

The sole purpose of the castle has always been the protection of the Czech lands from enemy attacks. It continuously were soldiers who were carrying his service. Contrary to popular belief, the fortress Gelfshtyn never lived aristocrats.

Now the castle is actively carried out historical and cultural festivals, targeting both local as well as at numerous tourists. Within the walls of the fortress suit vibrant festivals, organize competitions fencers, put up for sale products of local blacksmiths.

In Olomouc there is a romantic castle Bouzov, which has been converted into a museum. The building, built several centuries ago, preserved in excellent condition and does not even require reconstruction.

Castle Bouzov in Olomouc

The castle is not based in the city and its surroundings. The building is located on a high hill, surrounded by dense forest. After his visit, you can enjoy plenty of beauty of Czech nature and purity of the local air.

Over the years, the Bouzov castle belonged to wealthy families, Teutonic Knights, and even the Nazis. One of the former owners of the castle ordered to increase its wall, which has repeatedly saved the building during the attacks of the enemies in the future.

Now Bouzov castle is famous for its turbulent history, as described in more detail in the course of excursions. Visitors inspect this place is rich and tastefully furnished interiors and a walk on the surrounding area.

 Gelfshtyn fortress