Bosnia and Herzegovina - Attractions attracting thousands of tourists

Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose territory is located in the south-east of Europe, has not attracted many tourists for a long time. However, in recent years it has become more tempting for travelers from all over the world. Russians and residents of other countries of the Soviet Union can spend a whole month here without a visa. In addition, the main thing that attracts Bosnia and Herzegovina to the country is its attractions, many architectural monuments, magnificent landscapes.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: attractions - photos to the rescue!

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 Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina - photo and description

One of the most interesting and attractive places to visit in the country is the city of Sarajevo. Here, the cultures of Orthodoxy, Islam and Catholicism were organically mixed. In the Old Town there are narrow streets everywhere, surrounded by old houses, there are many shops where nice souvenirs are sold. It is worth to visit the bazaar on the Markale Square, where not only oriental goods are sold, but delicious food.

Those who are interested in history are required to visit the Latin Bridge. It was here that the murder of Archduke Ferdinand occurred, which eventually developed into the beginning of the First World War. Under the bridge you can find a museum with an exposition dedicated to this event.

Near the city is conveniently located ski resort of Yakhorina. It annually attracts avid skiers and simply those who appreciate the beauty of nature. In addition, it is worth to go to the Royal Mosque, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the mosque Gazi Khusrev-bey.


Old City

Among the historical sights, the old town of Mostar deserves special attention. The buildings, rebuilt in the medieval period, are in excellent condition here. Also in the city, tourists like to be photographed with a bridge across Neretva, which was completely destroyed in 1993, and then rebuilt.

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The fabulous city of Terbinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina - sights in one place

city of Terbinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Another interesting place of this state is located in the south of Bosnia, only 30 kilometers from Dubrovnik. Many travelers consider this place to be one of the most beautiful on the Balkan Peninsula. Most tourists can be found near the stone bridge, built in 1574.

Another attraction of Terbinje is a church belonging to the monastery of Hercegovac Gracanica. Despite her youth, she, like a monastery, will shortly be included in the list of UNESCO's cultural heritage. Bars and cafes are located mainly on the territory of the Old Town. Here, everyone will be offered to taste national dishes and take a break.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, many natural monuments. These include the Kravice waterfall, around which picnics are often organized. Also worth visiting is the Vrelo-Bosne park, restored in 2000. A popular tourist route is climbing Mount Maglich, striking with the magnificence of its landscapes.

Feel free to go to this country, if you appreciate the beauty of nature, are interested in the history of the Balkan Peninsula. There are many architectural sites and other memorable sights here. To make the trip perfect, pre-arrange the insurance, book accommodation and rent a car. Convenient navigation of our site allows you to quickly select the best options.

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