What to visit in Bulgaria?

One of the real pearls of Europe is Bulgaria with its cultural treasury, a sea that, thanks to its mild climate, remains warm, as well as beaches with clean sand and exhilarating mountain scenery.

Rest in this country is pleasant in any season, since in winter here, too, you can get the most pleasure from the ski resorts. If you like active pastime, you will surely like the idea of skiing on picturesque slopes. Fans of natural beauty can enjoy fascinating panoramas.

In other words, not very expensive, but in all respects qualitative rest attracts many of our compatriots to Bulgaria every year.


National cuisine and winemaking

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine also deserves attention. Thanks to the unique authentic color of national dishes, it is remembered for a long time.

Recipes are distinguished by a healthy accent - in Bulgarian cuisine many vegetables, cereals and fruits are used, however spices and scented seasonings are also her skate. As a traditional snack, along with desserts, shepherd cheese is often served here, which is necessarily used with a small amount of local wine. Without such a "composition" of national dishes, it is rather difficult to imagine Bulgaria.

Winery is a special pride of the country. Developing as private, small businesses, today they have become so popular that even arose the phenomenon of wine tourism, which attracts many true connoisseurs of fine wine.

They can visit this or that region, which is famous for its variety. White grapes, as is known, grow on the Bulgarian coast, where for him - the best conditions. The southern part of the country specializes in another variety, growing grapes mavrud.


Sofia Bulgaria Attractions

Due to the well-developed infrastructure, well-established services, the abundance of historical and cultural monuments, the tourist traffic of Bulgaria is growing year by year.

In the majority of tourists are inclined to combine cultural leisure with beach rest. Bulgaria is an optimal option for people who like to combine pleasant sea bathing with a useful and developing visit of iconic places.

The capital of the country, Sofia, is the largest city in Bulgaria. With its many attractions, Sofia attracts many travelers. They can get acquainted with the beautiful historical architecture, which so harmoniously complements the infrastructure of the modern type. More than 1.5 million people live in the cultural center of Bulgaria.

Those who wish to receive higher education in Sofia have a wealth of opportunities, since about 20 universities are concentrated in the capital. The Sofia Opera House has a worldwide reputation, and the time of its foundation dates back to the end of the XIX century.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, tourist attractions, photo

To all who wish to get acquainted with the cultural life and traditions of the Bulgarians, it is worth to visit the capital.


Bulgaria Sunny Beach Attractions

Young people can safely go on beach vacation, as the holiday season in Bulgaria is noisy and promising with t.z. night entertainment. Fans of parties are sure to appreciate the developed infrastructure with its bars and clubs, where you can use the free entrance to certain hours, as well as free drinks.

Nevertheless, beach holidays in Bulgaria will appeal to family couples with children, since sandy beaches are distinguished by flatness, which is so important for the youngest. Among other things, here you can have a good rest with the whole family in the water parks of Sunny Beach. Acclimatization of children passes very gently due to the absence of debilitating heat and high humidity.

For beach holidays it is best to visit Bulgaria in July with its hot and sunny weather, when the air warms up to 25-30 degrees, and the water temperature rises to 23-24 degrees.

Varna Bulgaria attractions, a photo of beautiful beaches


Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country located in the Balkans, has a fairly long history, many monuments of history and architecture. Naturally, each of them can not be carefully studied and photographed even for several trips. That is why we will consider the most famous tourist attractions in Bulgaria.

Sights of Bulgaria photo of St. George's rotunda


Seven Rila Lakes

The seven Rila lakes are a group of lakes located in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountains. To see this landmark, it is most convenient to use the lift, in fact, to get to the Rila lakes on foot, it takes a lot of time. But, even if you still choose the hiking option, when the final point of the trip is reached you will absolutely forget about fatigue, because you will discover an incredible beauty landscape: in the foreground there are glacial lakes with the purest water, and on the far-mountain peaks, ascending skywards.


Fortress and cliffs of Belogradchik

In the emergence of this phenomenon, not only the natural, but also the human factor is involved. Even during the Roman Empire, there were built protective structures. Nature, in turn, at the same place built a very special rocks. Over time, unusual in form rocks began to acquire their own special "names" In addition, in the course of history, this place has a lot of beliefs.


Rozhen Bogoroditsa-Christmas monastery

At the very foundation of the Pirian Mountains one of the largest monasteries of Bulgaria, Rozhensky, is located. The interior of the monastery impresses with its variety: frescoes, stained-glass windows, icons, one of which is the icon of the miraculous Virgin Mary is especially famous. Such an abundance of antiquities will please anyone. One of the peculiarities in the architecture of the Rozhen monastery is the absence of excessive pretentiousness. Simple and elegant lines-this is what this tourist attraction strikes.


Kazanlak (Thracian) Tomb

The tomb in Kazanlak is part of an ancient necropolis. Unfortunately, time has made its contribution, and to our time numerous decorations and most other details have not been preserved, however, magnificent frescoes can surprise us even in our time. The significance of the surviving objects is invaluable, since scientists rank them as belonging to the 4th century BC. That is why the Thracian tomb is a structure that UNESCO has taken to the world heritage, and even a copy was created for the excursions.


Rotunda of St. George, in the city of Sofia

This church, erected during the early Christianity, has a very special destiny. Earlier, during the Turkish rule, the Rotunda of St. George was a mosque. And only by the end of the 19th century the church again became Christian. In addition, even managed to restore many of the murals. At the moment, the early Christian church operates a museum and hosts divine services.


Shiroka-Lika village

Getting to the village of Shiroka-Lika, as if you find yourself in an old film: low houses with wooden stairs, stone streets, small bridges. Here, the ancient traditions of folk culture are especially carefully preserved. The village of Shiroka-Lika is located on the land of an architectural and historical reserve. In addition, on the square of the village there is a museum of ethnography and a huge number of other interesting places that are relevant to the Renaissance in Bulgaria.

Shiroka-Lika village


Rose Valley

A huge number of roses. Any representative of the weaker sex dreams at least once to see such magnificence. Visiting the valley next to the picturesque Tundja River will bring a lot of positive emotions, because this is a truly unforgettable picture, and the fragrance from so many roses will not leave anyone indifferent. Having seen all this splendor, you will definitely want to visit the Rose Valley again.


The Vitosha mountain range

Mountain range, located near the capital of Bulgaria-Sofia. The stunning mountain range is entirely covered with various species of coniferous trees. It is a wonderful place for tourist summer trips. Winter sports enthusiasts will also like Vitosha, because in winter the mountain slope is covered with snow. Here you will find ski resorts, pleasant prices, good organization and pleasant service, that's why there are many tourists here in winter, as well as in summer.


Tsarevets fortress

This fortress was not in vain for quite a long time the residence of the kings. The architecture of the Fortress Tsarevets looks simply superb and very rich, as if immediately stating the greatness of the rulers. In addition, this landmark is shrouded in many legends and beliefs. About the Fortress Tsarevets can not just be read, you need to see it with your own eyes. Tsarevets fortress can not just be seen in photographs, because no one shooting can show the grandeur of this building.


Fortress of Baba Vida

Medieval building, located in the city of Vidin, located on the Danube River. A huge number of historical events in Bulgaria relates to this landmark. Nowadays, theater performances on a historical theme for tourists are held on the territory of Baba Vida Fortress. Before you come to life pictures of the past, showing the traditions, foundations and culture of the country, which will be very interesting to any viewer.


Churches, temples, monasteries

Boyana Church in Belgium

Boyana Church in its time was included in the list of the organization of UNESCO, as a monument of cultural heritage, and it is no accident. The walls of the building have, for more than 700 years, preserved a unique medieval painting depicting saints once revered in the country. Their faces are amazing, thanks to a clear study of any, even the smallest details and realism.

The second largest construction of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the temple of Alexander Nevsky. On the walls of this cultural monument there are 273 frescoes painted by hand. In the building itself, travelers will be able to find icons made by Russian artists.

Rila Monastery is rightly considered an ancient monument of world architecture. By the way, it works today. Travelers are struck by a wide variety of ancient icons and paintings on the walls.

Tourists who decide to go to the city of Plovdiv, it is worth looking into the monastery of Jumaya. Its facade and interior decoration amazes all travelers, regardless of their religion. On the walls of the interior there is a painting, which on those who come here for the first time, necessarily makes an indelible impression.


Archaeological complexes and reserves

Lovers of archeology will surely enjoy visiting ancient Pliska, the city that once was the capital of the Danube Bulgaria. In recent years, the authorities are investing a lot of money to reconstruct the ruins. The most preserved building is the palace in which Khan Omurtang lived.


Nessebar Bulgaria tourist attractions

The archaeological reserve, located in the ancient city of Nessebar, has preserved many architectural monuments that were rebuilt during the time of powerful Byzantium. The most famous of them are the Archaeological Museum, as well as the Church of St. Stephen. From the geographical point of view, the city is quite successful, which, in fact, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

Another well-known archaeological complex is called Pererpericon. All of its monumental buildings were rebuilt in medieval times. According to the legend, on the territory of the mysterious ancient city is the grave of Orpheus and once stood the temple of the god Dionysius.

It will be equally interesting and informative to go to the city-museum Melnik, which has all the advantages of the Balkans. In local cafes and restaurants everyone can taste wines made according to old Bulgarian recipes. Due to the presence of clean beaches on the sea, tourists often come here coming to Melnik, just to lie on the sand and swim. Those who are interested in historical monuments should devote their time to walks on its territory. It was in it once lived famous writers, masters of the brush, cultural figures of the Renaissance.

city-museum Melnik 


Other places of interest that must be visited

The ancient town of Sozopol is a place where modern culture, cafes and restaurants have been perfectly blended with its architecture. In the old part of the guests many real architectural masterpieces meet, and you can settle down and have a snack in the modern part of the city.

Finally, you should also visit the summer residence of Queen Mary, which is called "Quiet Nest". Most impressive is the architecture of the palace, in which the European as well as the Arabian stylistic trends are organically combined. Here you can also take a walk through the botanical garden or book a trip on the mountain slopes.

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